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Auto Blinkers (ported to .NET) 1.0


This is a quick .NET port of the original Auto Blinkers RPH Plugin by darkmyre . All credits to him, I've only coded the same concept for ScriptHook.Net users who don't use RPH.

I've included two separate editions, experimenting on the auto-blinkers concept:
  • The Steering Edition handles your blinkers based on the steer angle, it only works at low speeds and roads.
  • The Camera Edition lets you turn the blinkers on by left-clicking while pointing in the direction you want to go.

  • Features
    • Blinkers will automatically turn on if you do a slow turn.
    • You can also turn them on by using left click while pointing the camera in the direction you want to go.
    • Hazard Lights will turn on automatically if you leave your vehicle in the middle of the road.

    This script comes in two versions:
  • If you want the Steering edition, copy "AutoBlinkersNET Steering Edition.dll" in the scripts folder.
  • If you want the Camera edition, copy "AutoBlinkersNET Camera Edition.dll" in the scripts folder.

  • Do not use both at the same time.

    How to use
    Steering Edition: Just drive normally. You'll notice that your blinkers work when you steer at slow speed.
    Camera Edition: Anytime you need the blinkers to work, click (Left Click) in the direction you want to go. You'll see that the correct blinkers start .. blinking.

    .NET Framework 4.5.2
    Visual C++ 2015
    ScriptHookVDotNet Latest
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