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  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @KaKa_946 It would've been nice if you could retract the wheels when flying but, other than that it looks cool.

    пред 3 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Alex106 So the "zonebind.ymt" is not needed unless you have the "Simple Jurisdiction Fix" mod installed?

    пред 5 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Stryfaar Does this mod interferes or conflicts with the "Pull Me Over" mod? > https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pull-me-over-daimian , I got that mod installed.

    пред 5 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @CJislit That's weird what you said about the "GRUPPE 6" mission, the guy being the driver instead of a passenger, I've never seen that before, usually when I do that mission the guy is always sitting on the right side of the truck, as a passenger, not as a driver, that's weird. My issue with that mission, which I already asked adoptcalipt above, is that one particular garage is always locked with the truck inside of it and I have to use the "go thru doors" feature in simple trainer in order to get inside the garage and to get out of it I have to teleport out of garage but, I can't get back in the garage after I pick up the briefcase so I can't never complete the mission if the truck is at that garage. The "Freefall" mission I disabled that one because is extremely buggy and difficult to do. The "racist" mission I can't never do it because is messed up, I tried it many times but, for some reason the car that I choose to do the race with it just disappears at the start of the race and I end up at the beginning of the race standing there like an idiot with no car so the mission always fails, for some reason no matter what car I choose it always disappears at the beginning of the race. That's another mission I got problems with. We just gotta wait for adaptcalipt to see what he'll say about all that.

    пред 6 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @CJislit I read your comment and I think maybe I can help you with some of that stuff, not all your questions but, some of them. Some of the stuff that you mentioned there I've experienced myself with this mod however, some missions I disabled because I'm just not interested in them.

    For example:

    @your #2 question: I've experienced the same bs with the "bar tending" mission, I believe is that's the "Temp Job" mission. When I did that mission, it took me like 20+ roundups behind the bar, back and forth, picking up tips and this and that and the other thing, in order to finish it successfully but, it never took me 300 roundups, like you said though. Nevertheless I disabled that mission because of how long it takes to complete it. That's one mission adoptcalipt has to modify better, as far as timing.

    @your #3 question: Can't help you with that one either because I assume is the "LSFD" mission you're talking about and specifically the one that you have to rescue a cat atop some silo somewhere.....I also disabled that mission in the ini because, to tell you the truth, was boring asf.

    @your #4 question: That mission I like and kept it active, that's the "Mores Mutual" mission but, it's a tricky mission. That's the mission where you have to pick up an exotic car somewhere and then bring it to the "bomb" garage and back to its original location. I like that mission and that's one mission I haven't disabled in the ini but, I figured out the problem with that specific mission. At first when I was doing it I was experiencing the same thing you said, as soon as you get out of the car the mission fails but, I found the solution, once you bring the car back to its original location, try to align the car as best as you can to the "ghost car" but the important thing is NOT TO GET OUT OF THE CAR IMMEDIATELY!. If you get out of the car right away the mission will fail, for some reason it nulls it if you get out of the car too fast. Wait maybe like 30 seconds and then exit the car but, once you exit the car DO NOT MOVE, until you get the "Hide somewhere" message, once you see that message you have like a couple of seconds to immediately run away and hide behind a wall somewhere, otherwise if you're still running for cover or just casually walking and haven't hidden yet the mission will fail.

    @your #5 question: Have no idea what mission you're talking about.

    @your #6 question: I'm assuming that's the "Debt Collection" mission, I've never had that issue before where after you've been killed the mission still seem to be active...so that's another one adoptcalipt will have to answer for you.

    Anyways, at least I tried to help you with some of the issues you mentioned there that I've experience myself.

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    пред 7 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @adopcalipt Ok buddy listen, I got an issue with the "GRUPPE 6" mission. I had that issue for a long time but, I decided to bring it to your attention now since it doesn't seem to get fixed by itself. So the "GRUPPE 6" mission, with the money truck, pick up the money and back to the garage thing, the mission starts fine but, the problem is that there is a specific garage where this truck is located at West Vinewood, next to that "SpitRoasters" bar (Here's the coords to that garage > x:-269.146 y:280.230 z:90.280 ), the doors to that garage are always locked, as you will see in the video, and I don't even use the "EAI" mod. The only way I can get into that garage, while doing the mission, is to use my trainer's "Go Through Doors" feature....once I do that I'm able to get inside the garage and I'm able to get in the truck but obviously I can't get out of it so I have to set a waypoint far enough from the garage so I can teleport the truck out of it, the problem is that once I pick up the briefcase and head back to the garage to drop off the briefcase....the garage is still locked, Simple Trainer's "Go Through Doors" feature doesn't work when you're inside a vehicle so basically I can't get back into the garage and finish the mission.

    What do you think is happening here with that specifc garage? This has been an ongoing problem for a long time, all other garages with this same mission don't have this issue, depending on the location I happen to answer the phone for this mission but, if I happen to trigger the "GRUPPE 6" mission close to the West Vinewwoods area then it forces me to pick up the truck at that garage which is always locked.

    I always like to provide you with an actual demo video so you can see what's happening > https://vimeo.com/981066853?share=copy

    Btw, I'm still playing on the v3179 patch because most scripts are getting broken in the latest v3258, the ScriptHookVDotNet needs to be updated for the v3258 and the "nightly" versions of it are not working so in the meantime I'm palying on the v3179.

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    пред 8 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Larcius Did you by any chance made any changes to any of the ymts or no? The reason I ask is because I created an oiv for those to make it easier to install after every new patch and if any changes were made to those ymts I would have to redo the package.

    пред 9 дена
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @massiveattack44 Is it possible this ymap may conflict with other ymaps? The reason I ask is because I got some ymaps already installed in my game that modifies some areas of Los Santos and vespucci beach area. These are the ymaps I got installed, do you think any of these will conflict with yours?:

    1. Vespucci Beach Enhanced + Huge Rock Formation(YMAP) > https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/vespucci-beach-enhanced-whats-a-username

    2. This one isn't exactly a ymap, it's an oiv but, I noticed on one of your pictures, picture #8, you placed palm trees around that restaurant so I don't know if this one will conflict with yours or not > Popeyes Restaurant Retexture 1.0 > https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/popeyes-restaurant-texture

    Let me know if any of those has the potential to conflict with this ymap or not.

  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @adopcalipt I'm having a weird issue with this new v4.42 update, for some reason the payphones are disappearing and I when mean disappearing I don't mean from the map I mean physically disappearing from the game, literally. The payphones themselves are just not there where they're supposed to be. I got the locations of most of those payphones already marked in the map with custom blips and coordinates so I know they're supposed to be there but, for some reason when I go to them the payphones are just not there. If I drive around long enough looking for them eventually one of them shows up with the green marker but, as soon as I do a mission off that phone and want to do another one mission, the payphones are gone again. It seems as if the script is not loading quickly enough for some reason. I've never had that issue before with previous versions. If you can suggest anything as to why that's happening please let me know.

    Also, another thing I wanted to mention, once I'm able to find an active phone and begin doing the mission, for some reason the "waypoint" that leads to the destination all of the sudden disappears like halfway there, sometimes it doesn't even show up at all in the mini map, which makes it hard to find the best route to get to the destination. Even if I find the destination blip on the map and set my own waypoint, sometimes my own waypoint also disappears halfway there....there seems to be some type of inconsistency with set waypoints, for some reason.

  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @SkylineGTRFreak How about making the Grumman A-6 Intruder > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumman_A-6_Intruder#/media/File:Grumman_KA-6D_Intruder_of_VA-34_in_flight,_in_1988.jpg . I would love to add that aircraft to my addon collection