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  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @ThEdEsTrOyEr_242 Would it be possible to convert this into a ymap? Ymaps are much easier on the game, as far as fps and such.

    Септември 8, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Mehdi Zoubai Like a beep...beep....sound when the fuel hits the red zone, just like cars in real life. My car makes a beep...beep...sound when it's low on fuel. If you cannot add a sound then a brief flashing notification that is visible enough will be fine too but, an audible sound or a combination of both, a sound and a notification would be even better.

    Септември 5, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Mehdi Zoubai Is there a way to add an alert sound to the script when the fuel gets critically low, maybe at a future update? I like this mod a lot because this one adds planes and helicopters to it but, I don't see an option in the ini to turn on an alert sound when the fuel is really low. The "other" guy's fuel mod has that feature, it makes a brief audible sound when the fuel gets really low and I like that because it makes you aware that you're low on fuel. Sometimes when I'm playing I'm not necessarily looking down at the fuel bar all the time and sometimes I run out of fuel when I'm doing missions because I'm not paying attention to the fuel bar at the bottom of the screen. It would be very helpful if you could actually hear a sound when you're running low on fuel, that way it brings attention and you can quickly head towards the nearest gas station and fuel up. That would be a really nice feature if you could add it to the ini, an audible sound when the fuel gets really low. If you can make that happen that would make this fuel mod even better.

    Септември 5, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @Unknown Modder This mod definitely has to be updated specially for the latest .2372 patch, it actually stopped working with the previous one btw. I prefer using this one instead of the other similar "No Turbulence" mods out there that require you to do changes at several handling.meta's, this is the only one that has the asi file which takes care of all those changes automatically. It just has to be updated in order for it to work again. Thanks in advance!

    Септември 1, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @PANICO TOTAL All those files that you put a link to I already have. I already have the v2372 ScriptHookV installed, I have the updated gameconfig and the most recent version of the Weapons Limits Adjuster. Game still crashes when I attempt to get in the F-22 Raptor and the A-10 warhog. Not all the planes in the package crash the game, only those two and maybe some others that I haven't spawned yet. I think it has something to do with their individual files. huynhkent said that is crashing his game too, so there's defenitely something within the dlc that needs to be updated.

    Август 24, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @PANICO TOTAL For some reason the F-22 Raptor and the A-10 Thunderbolt, which are two aircrafts that came with this package, are crashing my game when I attempt to enter them. This is unusual because I never had any problems flying those two aircrafts with the previous 2265 patch, this is happening with the v2375 and I only transferred the warpackusa dlc to it. I'm able to get in the F-14A Tomcat, the F-117 Nighthawk, the F-35B VTOL and some other ones just fine but, the F-22 and the A-10 are the ones crashing my game for some reason and I haven't even tried others yet. Do you have any suggestions as to why this is happening with those aircrafts now?

    Август 7, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @SkylineGTRFreak I'm the type of person that likes to combine dlc's whenever possible to cut down on the list, specially when Rockstar keeps piling 'em up everytime a new patch comes along. I've successfully added a few aircrafts to the War Pack Special Edition USA v5.0 dlc, like the AV-8B Harrier ll, the North American Sabre F-86F aircrafts, the CAIC Z-10 Attack Helicopter and recently added the A-7D Corsair ll to the warpackusa dlc, all successfully, and all spawn nicely in game however, I stumbled upon one particular one that's giving me problems and that is your newly uploaded Dassault Rafale B. I like that aircraft and want to merge it into the warpackusa dlc but, that one for some reason I'm having a tough time adding it to the warpack dlc. I merged the contents of all the files from the Dassault Rafale dlc into the warpackusa dlc, like I've done many times before and normally do whenever I want to add a new aircraft to the warpackusa pack. I carefully merged the following Dassault Rafale files into the warpackusa dlc:

    - vehiclelayouts.meta
    - vehicles.meta
    - carcols.meta
    - carvariations.meta
    - handling.meta
    - explosionfx.dat + explosion.meta files
    - Added the rafaleb_mods.rpf
    - weapons.rpf etc..etc..

    Took me a while to merge all those files then I launched the game. The game launched successfully then I proceeded to spawn the aircraft (spawn name: rafaleb) and the plane actually spawned nicely. I was excited it actually spawned but, when I pressed the button in my controller to enter it the game completely crashed back to the desktop.

    I've being wrecking my brains out trying to figure out what particular file in this plane's dlc is causing the issue and I can't come up with any good answers. Like I said, the plane spawns in the game but, as soon as I try to enter it the game crashes very quickly. I was wondering if you could maybe give me a tip on what could possibly be causing that. Is there a particular file from this dlc that I should omit if I want to add the Dassault Rafale B to the warpackusa dlc or is there some other reason? I really don't wanna keep adding separate "aircraft" dlc's into my game when I can add this aircraft to the War Pack USA dlc. By the way, yes, I do have the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster installed plus the other two (Pack & Heap Limits adjusters)

    Прошири да го видиш цел коментар
    Август 3, 2021
  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @nenlee Os Gameconfigs da Dilapidated não são necessariamente os melhores Gameconfigs disponíveis. Na verdade, eu pessoalmente não uso nenhum dos gameconfigs do Dilapidated. Se você quer o melhor gameconfig, este é o que eu uso> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ps9WTQ9mliGmwJQcgcdUaHYyYfSe5Cj9/view

    Os gameconfigs do InfiniteQuestion são os melhores até agora, na minha opinião.

  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @HKH191 What new changes were made to the v1.2? What's the "Mod Helper Update" about?

  • A50745 cool ninja pic

    @ToXiC BoLTz That's ok buddy, I thought you also built 'em. Anyways, I asked the same question to SkylineGTRFreak and he's considering doing the Intruder at some point, crossing my fingers he'll get around to it. I don't know if you know SkylineGTRFreak, the dude has uploaded tons of planes here, check out his page if you're not familiar with his mods > https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/SkylineGTRFreak