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  • Ee08af grand theft auto v screenshot 2022.10.16

    WONDERFUL!! Why have I not come across this sooner?? I was getting texture loss even on a 3090Ti, Ryzen 9 3900, 64GB RAM. I am running multiple mods including NVE, QuantV, max settings, low traffic density/variety, EMF with a majority of vehicles replaced, and hundreds of add-on vehicles. Yet, I was getting texture loss even with my GPU using roughly 4,000 or so GB of 24GB. But until I came across this, in combination with "fwBoxStreamerVariable and decals limit patch," I have yet to notice any texture loss yet! Thanks!

  • Ee08af grand theft auto v screenshot 2022.10.16

    @nimabi11214 weird. I'm still trying to figure out what's muting TA's Subaru EJ20 & Mercedes V8 pack sounds. Again, I have several DLC sounds and I've found merging some sound files to one folder has worked.

    You will need to move the game.dat151 sounds.dat, and dlc_sounds in to their respective folders and edit the content.xml file for the "main" sound folder. This sounds confusing, but will say this has worked for me though. As TA mentioned, modding SP can be a pain whether it's conflicting modkits, sounds, etc. :<

    Септември 24, 2022
  • Ee08af grand theft auto v screenshot 2022.10.16

    @nimabi11214 did you put the right audioNamehash in vehicles.meta? Also, do you have any other car sounds in the game? I had to combine a lot of my DLC sounds in order to make them all work together without sacrificing one or the other. Still testing some until now.

    Септември 24, 2022