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2k Water (Now with 4k version) 1.7


I always hated the way some of the textures for the water looked and saw someone post it but he literally resized it, so i took obligation to find my own textures and remodel it to my needs. I had alot of different options, but the one i decided to finally settle on looks extremely beautiful and alot more realistic. I'm not going to say photo because we can't get it that perfect yet :P.

Feel free to donate if you like through the link. Any donation is beyond thankful for the work I have put into this mod.

Simply make the clear water such as pools,dams, small ponds with a realistic looking texture. It add's a nice actual sewer affect to the water by the sewers etc. Also adds a beautiful fucking texture towards the shore shallow parts in oceans

How to install?
Simply open up open iv, Enable edit mode then navigate to x64a.rpf > textures > and simply drag and drop the water.ytd and the graphics.ytd. ( If you haven't already copied it to your mods folder then please do so) Follow the instructions above and make sure you have open iv's asi plugins( Open up open iv and click tools-Asi manager) loaded so you can launch via that modded rpf. )

If you have a already modded graphics.ytd then what you can do is drag your current graphics.ytd somewhere such as your desktop and then open mine and export the following names

Make sure you have edit mode on and then drag your other graphics.ytd and it should have a option to replace by the textures . Replace each of of them accordingly.

Launch the game and you are good to go.

Changelog: 1.0- replaced water texture to make it seem alot more realistic in shallow parts
Changelog 1.2 Replaced foam how water moves, Areas with closed bodied water;dams and sewer actually look like sewer water now, Shallow parts of the ocean have it replaced so it actually looks like the California water. Fountains have it as well. Closed bodies of water actually look like closed bodies of water.Changed caustic(Custom texture)

Changelog 1.3 What's new?

Replaced a couple textures. There are 2 options 2 choose from. Option one: simulating waves with a windy vibe. (Realistic ocean and constant moving waters.)
Option two is for calmer waves but alot dreamier look(Simulates how the ocean really feels alot better) It's up for you to decide which you like more.

Fixed the bug for some users that were experiencing random jolting on the reflection of water when it rained (heavy/thunder etc etc)
Pools look beautiful and simulates a stimulant for the "jets" that run like in real life. (Waves move back and forth)

Deeper parts of the ocean/ small bodies of water have different texture looks such as (when i was younger i went on a cruise. The water was bluer then i've ever seen but so gorgeous and looked really shallow but the captain said it was about 30-40 ft deep) It looks like that from the eye but when you get in the water it gets dark simulating realistically. Actual deep parts get really dark while more shallow looks shallow and see through. Towards the shore or rocks etc etc you can actually see down there!! Looks beyond gorgeous.

Sewers are murky but still clear as it's running slowly so doesn't simulate extremely green water if you know what i mean.

Changelog 1.4: Urgent update!!!
Super shitty update. Water was messing up. It was the water bump and caustic that was causing it. Changed water to a new 4k custom texture. Looks quite beautiful. When you look at the dreamy blue water you can't see fully through it unless you're by the shore so changed it to do that. Caustic is less intense so it looks quite stunning i must say.

Fixed the reflection bugs including the outline and water during rain is fixed. Looks gorgeous.

Quick fix. i'll include a option 2 later on tonight. Just wanted to fix the bugs.

Removed images so I can update with the new versions screenshots, so to those who disliked because i assume from screenshots they don't look like that.

Changelog 1.5 Made the water texture more of a dreamier blue.

Blends in just right at least to me.

That's about it. Enjoy

Changelog 1.6 Maybe final version unless i wanna clean shit up and add something which i most likely will

Added a 4k version of it. This was made from scratch instead of going and stretching the previous one to a 4k resolution. This is true

4k water. If you have 4k then please feel free to make a vid of it to let others see.

Changelog 1.7
You get a 2k texture and you get a 2k texture.
2k. 2k. 2k.

No but seriously I made textures better and redesigned them from scratch.

Improved drastically and made everything 2k except the water foam because sometime it overlaps and is a huge fucking mess.
Every screenshot was shot in 2k with all settings turned up. I would recommend trying any reshade/enb graphic mod to fully show off the water. I paid some money for the programs needed to accomplish this as I feel like I could have done way better.

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