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Trevor's Clean House [Menyoo/ymap] 1.1


[UPDATE 30/6/2020] This mod is nowhere near done, but I have lost interest in it. I haven't touched it in almost a year, plus I started working on a much bigger scale project. Given that I most likely wont touch this ever again, I decided to release a very early-on ymap version. The ymap version has some oddities and some missing props, but overall it is quite playable. Feel free to work on this map yourself, but only post your work after I've given you permission.

[description] I always disliked the fact that, even after Trevor gets tons of money from the big score, he still lives in that corrugated old trailer. This mod changes the look of the exterior of Trevor's home to a more clean and stylish modern look, and also adds a second floor, which is a house of its own. Areas like the front porch and the garage, have also undergone complete transformation This is my first ever mod and first ever time messing with the object spooner, so go easy on me :)

I highly recommend you use this mod:
it cleans up the interior of the trailer, so your house can look good inside and outside :)

you will need: the "Map Builder" mod and "menyoo"

installation instructions are included in the download

cant be bothered to add more screenshots because they all exeed the 2mb rule, but they are included in the download


1)Dynamic doors
2)The poorly covered satellite dish will be removed, as well as a few other unwanted props.
3)An optional parking garage in the empty lot behind the pub
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