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Map Builder 3.2.1



World Creator, Interior Design, House Builder, & More. Get Early Access & Tons of exclusive new props, building blocks, terrain tools available here Patreon.com/OmegaKingMods

Using multiple dlcpacks added to the dlclist may cause props to be invalid

Latest Updates: (Download For Full Update Log)

v3.2.1 : Patch 07
- Updated ObjectLists

v3.2.0 : Project Recode
- Recoded "def_props.ytyp" Definition Entries From Scratch
- Added "_manifest.ymf" For Map Builder Objects
- Added Clip Dictionary Support For Map Builder Objects
- Removed Locked Hash Codes (.ytyp/.ymf Are Now Readable)
- Every Drawable Object Now Has Its Own High Resolution Texture Dictionary
- Add Custom Textures To Any Object Using Texture Dictionary
- Added Water/Fire VFX
- Added "44" New Objects Featured By @emme10
- Removed "12" Objects From Map Builder
- Fixed Invalid/Invisible Object Bug
- Fixed dlclist.xml Bug
Known Bugs:
- A few of @emme10's objects are invalid

v3.1.3 : OpenIV Thank You
- New OpenIV Props!

This mod supplies map creators with new tools used to build maps. Build a new island using terrain tools, or make your own dream home using interior tools. What will you build?

- OpenIV
- ScriptHook V
- ScriptHook V .NET
- Any Object Spawn Mod Map Editor (Recommended)
- Object Spawn Unlocker (Not Required)

-Guided Installation (ReadMe)
-Install Through Mods Folder

How To Use:
-Use any object spawning mod such as Map Editor. (use mod accordingly) Find new objects on the list. Open Map Editor using F7 or R3 + LB - Open main menu.

Email: omegakingsarmy@gmail.com

Special thanks to @emme10 and all of my patrons over at Patreon.com/OmegaKingMods

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Првпат Додадено: Мај 15, 2016
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 3.2.1 (current)

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 3.1.2 (old scripthook)

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Мај 15, 2016

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