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LordCity_GTA5 v2.0


Lord City_GTA5地图说明
1.增加了和平岛岛屿,和平岛连接了LordCity和零贰(Yoha)《GTA5 秋名の山》(AkinaV for GTA5)。

**这里是LordCity_GTA4 下载链接https://mega.nz/#!MM9jAQQS!sdQg4pggwu-GQwU1Shi6K65GRkX5wYG0FGseFu9RkgI。早期做的gta4版本,喜欢的可以下载**

***非常感谢秋明山作者零贰(Yoha)的支持,本人已经和秋明山作者零贰达成了共识,很快《GTA5 秋名の山》(AkinaV for GTA5)将会出现在新的位置,


————Happy New Year to everyone————
1. Increase the peace island , island connects the LordCity and 02(Yoha)《GTA5 秋名の山》(AkinaV for GTA5).
2. Optimized traffic, free driving on highways, optimized trees, and improved frame(fps) rate loss.
3. Added the map‘s logo of the map.
4. Added a Buddha, which I like very much.
5. The airport has been added, and the planes can land in LordCity.(simple airport made by me, not very beautiful)

**here you can download LordCity_GTA4,https://mega.nz/#!MM9jAQQS!sdQg4pggwu-GQwU1Shi6K65GRkX5wYG0FGseFu9RkgI. I made it long time ago,if you like you can donload it.**

***thank you very much for 零贰(Yoha) support, I have reached a consensus with 《GTA5 秋名の山》(AkinaV for GTA5) authors 零贰(Yoha),
not very soon 《GTA5 秋名の山》 (AkinaV GTA5) will appear in the new position, thanks for Yoha provide clear painting hd map.***

maybe you will ask me why my map called "LordCity",haha ,I want to say ,"lord" is a girl's name which I loved,I hope she will love me oneday,only this,lol^^


2.把此行“dlcpacks:\lordcity\”复制黏贴到图片dlc path02.png所示的dlclist.xml文件中即可。


Lord City_gta5 map description
1. This map is made for personal use only for entertainment and has no commercial purpose.
2. Map can be divided into A,B,C,D,E,F,G, etc.A, B, C, D, G are put into the building.EF zone players
can display buildings they like.
3. The game includes traffic vehicles, characters, trees, lights and other beautiful night scenes.
【indoor lighting effect, due to my low computer configuration,Run the game with low efficiency and the display is less than 20fpbs.
Test the lighting effect is not good. If the effect is not ok, players can import Max and adjust the lighting brightness by themselves.】

Installation instructions:
0. install video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-PqGnOCQzQ
1. Put lordcity file witch the main map package of the game, into the directory shown in the picture "lordcity_path01.jpg".
2. Copy and paste the line "dlcpacks:\lordcity\" into the dlclist.xml file as shown in the picture "dlc path02.png".

You can choose to install traffic and radar.Installation instructions are available in the appropriate folder if required.
just thanks some friends:dexyfex, 3Doomer, Neos7, Gtarandom(Filip), Dekurwinator, Smallo,CP,Headshots_Ops,OpenIV Team,and so on...

hope everyone will like my Lord City map.
if you have some suggestion ,you can email to me,49882693@qq.com .
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