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GTA V Remastered: Enhanced [Add-On | YMAP | LODs | OIV | SP | FiveM] 5.2-SP



Please be sure to download the correct file:
If you want to use it in Singleplayer/Story mode please download version *-SP.
If you want to use this map on a FiveM server (but you don't host it, so only for yourself) then download *-FiveM-Client.
If you are running a FiveM server and want to provide this map there (to everyone) then download *-FiveM-Server.

Prerequisites & recommendations

If you use Forests of San Andreas as well please be sure that you have installed version 4.0 or newer of that mod.
Otherwise you will have many colliding and duplicated props in some areas and fewer props in other areas.

This mod without other mods applied works with the original gameconfig.xml and without any heap adjustment.
However, if you are using multiple mods it might be the case that at some point you need to adapt the gameconfig.xml and/or the heap (that is a general statement and is not specific to this mod).
If you are unsure just give it a try without changing the gameconfig.xml and the heap. In case you then experience crashes please install these add-ons as well:


This mod is compatible with Forests of San Andreas: Revised as long as you are using version 4.0 or newer of both mods.

To enable reflection of vegetation from the original game please get my other mod as well: Vegetation reflection


This map is based on the map GTA V Remastered in version 1.3 and 2.0b by le__AK
I want to thank him very much for that great map and his permission to publish this extension.

Despite my own tools/scripts the following tools were involved:
  • OpenIV: importing files from openformats to binary code
  • CodeWalker: editing entities, exporting and importing shader
  • HLSLDecompiler: decompiling shader (from DXBC byte code to HLSL source code)
  • FXC: compiling shader (from HLSL source code to DXBC byte code)

Videos and screenshots

In order to demonstrate only this mod and exactly as it is all videos and screenshots are in-game footage without any further post-editing and without any additional mods applied.
However, feel free to use other mods as well.

Because this mod covers vast areas these 16 screenshots are by far not complete so please consider them just as a hint to give a first impression.


Version 5.2

  • Extracted entities with no LOD parent into separate ymaps (with suffix _strm).
  • Moved some props that were clipping with Beach Mansion 3 by Leuge56.
  • Moved some props that were clipping with LS Hills House by Leuge56.
  • Removed most of the bricks, food vans, burger and hotdog stands. This does NOT mean that these props are removed from other mods or even from the original map.
  • Added a few more entities to compensate the removed bricks, food vans, burger and hotdog stands.

Version 5.1

  • Improved reflection models by adding another horizontal plane to larger vegetation.
  • Moved some props that were clipping with Vinewood Hills Mansion 2 by Leuge56.

Version 5.0

  • Adapted shader for proper rendering of dedicated reflection models.

Version 4.6

  • Added dedicated models used for reflections in cars, puddles and on wet streets.
  • Improved SLOD1 models to get a smooth transition from LOD to SLOD1 which allowed decreasing LOD drawing distance.
  • Moved some trees that were clipping with Simple Modern House by guelo000. (thanks to hyeji for reporting)

Version 4.5

  • Added more variety to bush, palm and tree tilts.
  • Fixed corrupted references to adjacent polygons in static collision files.
  • Relocated some flower pots at Adam's Apple Blvrd that were colliding with spawning cars.

Version 4.4

  • Moved some props that were clipping with "Beach Villa", "Ora Mansion", "Pacific Rooftop", "Pacific Villa", "Vice City Loft" and "Vinewood Hills Mansion" by Leuge56. (thanks to Philippe for reporting)

Version 4.3

  • Moved some palms that were clipping with LS Luxury Mansion by BigShaqNOKetchup. (thanks to _kobby for reporting)
  • Moved some props that were clipping with Modern Wood House by BigShaqNOKetchup. (thanks to ZSchanestruction for reporting)
  • Removed props in the area at Legion Square in FiveM versions (but not in SP version). This does NOT mean that props in that area are removed from other mods or the original map.

Version 4.2

  • Fixed floating or immersed palms and trees that were added in version 4.0
  • Relocated trees that were clipping with a bunker (when MP maps are enabled)

Version 4.1

  • Refactored static collision models to significantly reduce the demand on pools phInstGta and StaticBounds.Especially for those using the mod on FiveM this is an important change.
  • Compatibility with MP maps
  • Compatibility with Liberty City V Remix
  • Refactored LOD models:
    • Replaced LOD and SLOD textures for large bushes and Redwood tree.
    • Added more LOD textures for various palms.
    • Reworked plane for top-down view so that it is only visible when viewing from above.
    • Added two additional front planes for large bushes, oak and eucalyptus tree

  • Provided FiveM resource bundle for client-side usage.
  • Reworked area at Los Santos airport.
  • Moved some props that were clipping with Designer House by BigShaqNOKetchup.
  • Moved some props that were clipping with Star Mansion by JDeezNutz.
  • Slightly reworked props at "Sessanta Nove".

Version 4.0

  • Moved many props to Forests of San Andreas and vice versa so that both mods no longer overlap. Then relocated colliding props in the area where both mods previously overlapped.
  • Merged props from version 1.3 by le__AK (adds over 8500 new props but 2000 of them moved to Forests of San Andreas).
  • Added some more props, changed (relocated, replaced, scaled, ...) some props and removed a few props.

Version 3.4

  • Fixed floating trees when using NaturalVision Evolved (caused by the replacement models for prop_tree_pine_01 and prop_w_r_cedar_01 since they have a higher pivot point).
  • Slightly reworked LOD and SLOD models ("hat" for top view is more flat and is positioned depending on the prop).
  • Reworked static collision models by splitting content into regular (no prefix) and high (prefix hi@) models.

Version 3.3

  • Multi-partitioned maps and major refactoring of lod and slod models (increases performance and significantly reduces required pool size of "Building").
  • Adjusted brightness of some LOD and SLOD textures.
  • Reduced size of static collision models by only providing static collision models of props with a scaling not close to 1.
  • Fixed some floating ficus trees (prop_tree_lficus_*).
  • Removed cash pile (prop_anim_cash_pile_02) in front of Michael's house. (thanks to -EcLiPsE- for reporting)
  • Changed some entities that were colliding with map add-on Franklin Mega Garage by emme10. (thanks to oozh for reporting)
  • Moved some palms that were clipping with Malibu Mansion by BigShaqNOKetchup. (thanks to Lil Peek-up for reporting)

Version 3.2

  • Reworked area at Hotel von Crastenburg.
  • Increased LOD distance for small props.
  • Added LOD and SLOD models for Prop_Tree_Mquite_01, Prop_Rio_Del_01 and Prop_Rus_Olive.
  • Reworked textures for LOD and SLOD models of maple trees (Prop_Tree_Maple_02 and Prop_Tree_Maple_03).
  • Changed all entities with priority level high, medium, low to level required to avoid entities not beeing displayed (see GTAFORUMS Topic "[REL|V] V PropRestore" for further information).
  • Recalculated Z coordinates of trees and palms for a more versatile appearance.
  • Removed three bollards and a tree that were conflicting with story missions (thanks to Xotiic92).
  • Replaced some bollards (prop_bollard_05) by road poles (prop_roadpole_01a).
  • Changed a few props (relocated, replaced, scaled, ...).

Version 3.1

Visual changes:
  • Removed most of the litter, card piles, boxes, ... that were part of the previous version. This does NOT mean that these props are removed from other mods or even from the original map.
  • Fixed three floating birch trees (Prop_Tree_Birch_05).
  • Reworked LOD models to get less noticiable transitions from LOD to HD entities (especially for palms the transition is now considerably smoother).
  • Added LOD and SLOD models for ficus trees (Prop_Tree_LFicus_*).
  • Recalculated distance when to change from HD to LOD model.
  • Turned (around z axis) and slightly tilted trees and palms that previously had no rotation (to get a more versatile look).
  • Reduced size of some huge palms.
  • Changed a few props (relocated, replaced, scaled, ...).

Other changes:
  • Reduced extents of static collision models and slod models.
  • Reduced/recalculated distance when to change from LOD to SLOD1 (increases performance without noticible affecting visual appearance).
  • Fixed non-tree entities (like small vegetations, newspaper boxes, benches, ...) that shouldn't be static (so now they interact physically when hit by a car, on explosions, ...).

Version 3.0

Main purpose of this version was to significantly increase performance and ensure stability. This is achieved by the following changes:
  • Created textures and models for medium far distance view (LOD models) for vegetation entities.
  • In addition to medium far distance view models (LOD models) three further far distance view models were created (SLOD1 to SLOD3 models).
  • Reduced/recalculated values for far distance view models (in accordance to their size) to be more consistent with other entities.
  • Performed clustering of entities to get reasonable chunks of maps (to get rid of having some ymap files with huge extents).

Visual changes:
  • Fixed some floating vegetation entities.
  • Enabled reflections of vegetation (that is because for reflections LOD and SLOD1 to SLOD3 models are used).

Other changes:
  • Fixed wrong collisions by providing static collision models (before only embedded collision was used but since embedded collision ignores scaling every scaled tree ended up with a wrong collision).
  • Provided OIV installation and uninstallation file.
  • Provided FiveM resource bundle for server-side usage.

Previous versions

See GTA V Remastered by le__AK

Overview of added props

bushes: 1187
cacti: 247
joshua trees: 137
palms: 3425
trees: 5023
potted plants: 287
misc vegetation: 787
rocks: 123
seats & tables: 468
others: 1737
total: 13421
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