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Squad Weapon Sounds 1.2


I ended up taking the sounds out of the game "Squad" and edited them to fit into the GTA world. Even though these sounds are taken from another source, I spent a lot of time editing them to work in Grand Theft Auto, so please ask before using anything. I am also still working on this mod so any suggestions are welcomed.

!!IMPROTANT!! Make sure your SFX Volume in settings is near or all the way up. Then you can change the loudness through your headset or computer. This is to ensure quality of the gun sounds.

Open the oiv and install into mods folder. Read the README!

Known Issues
Bullpup Rifle has an audio glitch will be fixed next update.

1.1: Added Automatic Installer, Added FiveM Compatibility, Changed sounds of the: AKs, APPistol, Pistol50, and Heavy Pistol, Added (WIP) Reports/Echoes.

1.2: Improved all sounds by improving the echo both distance and near. Improved quality of distant sounds, fixed missing advanced rifle sound.
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Првпат Додадено: Февруари 26, 2022
Последно Ажурирање: Мај 8, 2022
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All Versions

 Advanced/Military Rifle Hotfix

268 симнато , 16,1 MB
Мај 8, 2022

 1.2 (current)

2.253 симнато , 123 MB
Мај 8, 2022


2.944 симнато , 123 MB
Март 14, 2022


2.366 симнато , 15,9 MB
Февруари 26, 2022

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