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Police Karin Sultan RS (Interceptor) 1.0


This is an addon car.

There are two versions of this car:
  • Loud motor sound but no doors sound
  • Weak motor sound but the doors makes noises

It is a limitation of GTA V that force us to use the sounds of existing vehicles. I use the sound of the police bike because it has a nice motor sound but since bikes doesn't have doors, there is no sound when you open or close the door.
If it bothers you, the second version use the sound of the police cruiser.

Of course the vehicle can be painted, tuned like vanilla Sultan RS.

Read Readme.txt for installation instructions.

Use a trainer to spawn the car.
If you are using RagePluginHook, you can spawn the car using the console: spawn policesultanrs
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Првпат Додадено: Април 9, 2018
Последно Ажурирање: Април 9, 2018
Последно Симнување: пред 11 саати

All Versions

 1.0 (Loose files)

46 симнато , 4,55 MB
Април 9, 2018

 1.0 (with door sound but weak motor sound)

31 симнато , 3,21 MB
Април 9, 2018

 1.0 (current)

1.691 симнато , 3,21 MB
Април 9, 2018

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