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    @ImNotMentaL "- Fixed vehicle transparent after saving"

    Less fixed than you may think. I reloaded the game, and suddenly a car is 100% Alpha (totally transparent). So I enter it anyway, which makes it visible again, but now I sink thru the ground. So, I teleport out (with the car), drive back, park and save it again. Then I walk a bit on the street, and, grr, the car is again invisible! Please, fix.

    пред 3 саати
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    @ReNNie "Ahhhh so no chance of making this an add-on without using Map Editor to remove the existing props then :/"

    The AutoLoad map, with the the <RemoveFromWorld> stuff in it, is so tiny, it loads in miliseconds. You'll never notice it. When I feel like it, maybe tomorrow, I will just remove the objects from their original ymap.

    пред 13 саати
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    @retromodd3r95 "if you use a trainer for example like menyoo & spawn a car and try to store it , it overwrites the previous car i just put in the garage instead of putting it in an empty spot. which means i cant have a garage full of addon cars. any ideas"

    Cars are saved, based on number plate. Trainers, like Menyoo, have the tendency to spawn each car with the same license plate. So, when you spawn a new car, via a trainer, make sure to give it a unique plate number first.

    пред 17 саати
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    @CamxxCore As for your health, please, do take your time to get better first, of course.

    пред 24 саати
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    @CamxxCore "Promise I will fix it. Been a bit weighed down with health problems but I have no intention of abandoning this, or any of my other mods. (:"

    Thank you! It's greatly appreciated. :)

    Problem with camera going under the map, is that, even if you go straight up again, you wind up somewhere completely different, often making it hard to locate your current position again.

    Also, is there a special deal with wallart? I can rarely select a wall painting. Some of them, I think, are 'conditionals', as it were, as part of an mp map or something (like inside high-end apartments), or not really stand-alone, but part of a multi-part art mesh (encompassing several frames in one object).

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    @The_XXI "You might wanna check dates and changelogs before commenting on old comment. He removed anims."

    I don't get it: your comment was from October 03, 2017, and the previous version from September 24, 2017.

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    @The_XXI "Okay so I've retired your new version since it saves a lot of modif on cars, again, the anim is often stuck (almost every time) on freeze after leaving the vehicle (the upper body is completely frozen in place whist the lower body reacts to inputs, although you can't move), for like 3-4 seconds. You should really consider just removing the anim until there's no problems with it and it looks perfectly organic"

    There's an animation on this?! LOL. Never seen it: just the audible thingy when you press E.

    I'm still on pre-gunrunning myself, and everything runs just fine. I get the impression the latest ScriptHook stuff made things less stable than before.

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    @ImNotMentaL Those vehicle names don't seem to matter much (seems hash-based anyway). So, thank you very much for this excellent tool! I saved a helicopter with it on an unmarked pad too. :) Thank you kindly for your version of this persistence mod! Now I can finally save cars with my ymap homes.

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    @ImNotMentaL Seems to work with SPA just fine. :) One thing, though: it doesn't appear to save my car's name properly (an addon Bugatti Chiron):

    VehicleName "NULL"
    VehicleModel ""

    It did save it persistently, though (with all the correct tuning parts).

    пред 2 дена
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    @ImNotMentaL Is this one compatible with SPA?

    пред 2 дена