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Swimmable water, everywhere! 1.0

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Now that dexyfex (the man from CodeWalker) worked his magic, and unlocked heightmap for us, I decided to prepare a version for y'all that creates swimmable water... everywhere! :)

Reason I did this, is because pretty soon every Tom, Dick, and Harry will start to supply his own heightmap.dat (to override/overwrite) the game file, for their own DLC -- thus leaving ppl to cancel out each others swimmable pools, as it were. Hence, I figured I should offer just 1 single heightmap, to rule them all. Because frankly, there is absolutely no valid reason not to make everything smimmable; it's mot like adding excess collision; I add nothing, just change a few numbers that are being consulted regardless.

Wont it cause lag, you ask? Nope, as, the way it works, swimmable water only exists where A) a swimmable water ybn surface exists + B) a water water layer (with pool_en shader). Aka, only at locations that are meant for swimming to begin with. Only difference being that now you can create such potential locations everywhere, and are no longer hampered by heightmap limitations.


Super-easy: just unzip the file, and copy heightmap.dat to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5

That's it, enjoy!
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