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Ymap version of JP-Schindler's Devin Weston Mansion v2 1.0

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This mod is the ymap version of JP-Schindler's DEVIN WESTON MANSION V2, converted from Map Editor to ymap, by me, with the express permission, and at the request of, the original author. For the original Map Editor build, see:


If you hadn't done so already, you will need to set up the CustomMaps DLC, which comes with sollaholla's Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter 1.0.4 for this:


All you need to do after that, is drop 'devin weston mansion v2.ymap.xml' inside custom_maps.rpf of the following folder (using OpenIV):


If you don't have that folder, please make sure you set up sollaholla's CustomMaps mod correctly. Don't rename the .xml file to .ymap, btw: OpenIV will do that itself.

P.S. Not all ingame props will spawn inside a ymap (especially those of the v_res* category). So, I had to replace the entrance dresser (v_res_m_h_console) with another one (ex_prop_ex_console_table_01). The small black Panther (v_res_sculpt_decf) is missing too. Most all of the props are there, though.

Also, markers aren't a thing yet in ymap. So I suggest you keep the original Map Editor .xml file, but remove everything between the Objects tags, so you'll just keep the markers, and then stick said file in the scripts\AutoloadMaps folder, for your convenience.
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