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Spotlight [RAGEPluginHook] 1.4


- Added support for game version b2545.
- Added API for developers. Check out the example plugin.
- Working turrets: now spotlight turrets are detected and used instead of the offset specified in 'Offsets.ini'. The vehicle must have a working VEHICLE_WEAPON_SEARCHLIGHT. Additionally, if the vehicle model has an extralight_* component as a child of one of the turret components, it will be turn on when the spotlight turns on.
A new setting, 'ExtraLightEmissive', has been added to 'VisualSettings.xml' which controls the intensity of the extralight_*.
The extralight_* component chosen can be overriden for specific models by specifying 'SpotlightExtraLight = 1/2/3/4' in the entry for that model in 'Offsets.ini'.
The turret detection can be disabled for specific models by specifying 'DisableTurret = true' in the entry for that model in 'Offsets.ini'.
If the vehicle does not have a turret, it will fallback to using 'Offsets.ini', like previous versions.
- Now tracking chooses the pedestrian or vehicle closest to where the spotlight is aiming.
- Now tracking uses a single key, for both pedestrians and vehicles. By default, NumPad3, can be changed with the 'ToggleTrackingKey' setting in 'General.ini'
- Added notification when tracking starts or stops: with vehicles it shows their model, license plate and distance and with pedestrians it shows their headshot and distance. These notifications can be disabled with the 'TrackingNotificationsEnabled' setting in 'General.ini'.
- Now mouse controls rotate the spotlight toward the direction the camera is looking at. By default, hold Left Control and aim with the camera.
- Moved 'MovementSpeed' setting from 'VisualSettings.xml' to 'General.ini'. Now each input method (keyboard, controller or mouse) has its own 'Speed' setting in degrees per second.
- Added "search mode" in which the spotlight rotates left-right automatically. By default, the toggle key is 'Decimal' in the numpad, can be changed with the 'SearchModeKey' setting in 'General.ini'.
- Added support for game patch v1180.
- Fixed various crashes.
- Complete rewrite.
- Open source: GitHub
- Added light volume.
- Added corona from origin.
- Splitted settings file into "General.ini", "Offsets.ini" and "VisualSettings.xml", inside "Plugins\Spotlight Resources" folder.
- Added more visual settings. Current settings: Color, CastShadows, OuterAngle, InnerAngle, Intensity, Range, Falloff, VolumeIntensity, VolumeSize, CoronaIntensity, CoronaSize, Volume, Corona, Specular and MovementSpeed.
- Improved in-game editor.
- Improved spotlight controls.
- Added API for developers. Example

-Install RAGEPluginHook 1.74+.
-Drop the "Spotlight.dll" file and "Spotlight Resources" folder into the "Plugins" folder in your game directory.

This plugin has 3 input layouts:
-For toggling the spotlight press I.
-For moving it use the NumPad (NumPad4, NumPad6, NumPad8 and NumPad2).
-For tracking peds or vehicles press NumPad3.
-For toggling the spotlight press LB + X.
-For moving it use the left stick. You can change this to the right stick or the DPad in the General.ini file.
-For toggling the spotlight press I.
-For moving it hold down the left control key and move your mouse.

And to open the in-game editor press F11.

Check General.ini file to change which keys/buttons should be used, or if any controls should be disabled.
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