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ImNotMental's Dealership Mod -Custom Build- 2.0


This is modified version of ImNotMentaL's Car Dealership mod. It is 100% his mod - I just changed some things so it fits my needs. I've modified it for myself but I think it's a right thing to share it with you.
Original mod
ImNotMentaL's gta5mods page

I have ImNotMental's permission to upload this custom build. Huge thanks to him!


You can purchase various vehicles such as: boats, mini submarines, civil aircrafts (planes and helicopters), trucks, semi-tractors, trailers, armored vehicles, special vehicles, military vehicles (tanks, planes, helicopters, etc).
You can test-drive/fly vehicles and change their color before you buy them.


- Version of the game 1.0.2189.0 or higher (Because mod uses some new vehicles from the new Cayo Perico DLC)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

- Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019

- Latest ScripthookV

- Latest ScriptHookVDotNet

- Enable All Interiors with MP Maps enabled (Without it Hayes Autos dealer won't work)

- Add-On Vehicle Spawner (without it DLC vehicles will despawn)

- OpenIV (You need it to install map addon)

- Any trainer that has an option to disable restricted areas (Menyoo, Rampage, etc.). [Only needed for 1.0 version]


MasterD's Hangars in SP
You can store all purchased aircrafts in hangars with this mod just like in GTA Online).


1) Put INMNativeUI.dll, INMNativeUI.pdb, INMDealershipCustom.dll files and INMDealershipCustom folder in your GTAV/scripts folder.

2) Using OpenIV (in edit mode) put dealership_addon folder in GTAV/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks folder

3) Using OpenIV navigate to GTAV/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data folder, right-click on dlclist.xml, choose "edit". And add this string: dlcpacks:/dealership_addon/

4) Press "Save" and close OpenIV. That's it.


1) 4 of 6 stores were replaced with the new ones. Now you have 4 new dealers: Elitas Travel Retail, Higgins Helicopters, Warstock C&C Retail, Paleto Truck Sales. (I kept Hayes Autos and Get Aweigh from original mod)
2) Disabled auto-spin feature for showroom.
3) Changed .cfg to .ini file recognition for vehicle config files so you can edit them using ImNotMental's PDMTool app.
4) Fixed the "NULL" problem for addon vehicles without gxt data.
5) Added a small addon with some map changes for the new dealers (billboards, banners, textures at the shop locations and the shop-container for Warstock C&C)
6) Changed log file location. Now mod will save the log files in it's own folder in scripts/INMDealershipCustom/Logs. No more unwanted text files in GTAV root directory when some errors happen.
7) Added seller's messages that depend on your actions while you're in the shop. Just to make shopping a little bit more immersive (kinda). Each shop's seller has it's own set of phrases. You can edit their phrases in the language file if you want to change them. (I'll continue to work on this feature and make more phrases with a random order for each action so it doesn't feel too scripted and annoying.)
8) Added gamepad support for open/close doors buttons.
9) Added background music events for some dealers.
10) For more changes see the changelog.


1) 2-3 FPS drop (nothing can be done about it...)
2) Planes will blow up if you fly out of the test-flight zone with landing gear up. (Just fly with landing gear down when test-flying your aircraft). Not a big deal actually.
3) Warstock shop-container model doesn't have collisions (You can walk through it). Probably I will fix this (or not) in the future if I have time to learn how to do that.
4) There's a small error that is written to the log file everytime you quit any dealer without buying something (qeq). It doesn't affect gameplay at all. Just letting you know that it's ok if you find a regular error in .log file.
5) In Paleto Truck Sales shop, DO NOT try to test-drive trailers (otherwise you will have to reload the mod). Just buy them without test-drive they're cheap anyway.


If you're gonna buy a trailer, buy semi-tractor first (or use your own one) and only then buy a trailer so you can move it away. Otherwise a truck or a tractor will spawn at the same location as a trailer during showroom mode.


- It is still a 2016 mod and if someday Rockstar releases a new update that will brake the mod, most likely I won't be able to fix or update it since I know scripting not good enough to deal with such things. You've been warned.
- Right now it works fine and doesn't conflict with most of the script mods (I have 70+ script mods installed and there're no conflicts at all). If for some reason it doesn't work for you it means the problem is on your side only. Make sure you got Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 installed.
- If you want to rename the categories of vehicles just edit the language config file located in GTAV/scripts/INMDealershipCustom/Languages folder.
- You can't add a new vehicle lists. You can only change the existing ones by adding/deleting vehicles.
- To add an addon vehicle (or a vanilla one) to the shop list just use PDMTool.exe to edit existing vehicle lists located in GTAV/scripts/INMDealershipCustom/Vehicles.
- PDMTool.exe is located in GTAV/scripts/INMDealershipCustom folder. The use is pretty much straight forward (Open existing .ini file, edit it, then save it)





-Changed marker type from static cylinder to bouncing chevron for all dealers.
-Disabled marker appearance in showroom and test-drive modes.
-Disabled fade-in/fade-out screen effects when scrolling through vehicle list in showroom.
-Added new camera views for showroom mode.
-Added smooth camera transition for view switching in showroom.
-Replaced fade-in/fade-out effects with camera transition when player enters the dealer.
-Added spotlights for Elitas Travel's showroom mode.
-Moved Elitas Travel showroom location a bit so the large planes fit the hangar.
-Added "Large planes" category for Elitas Travel dealer.
-Added animated entrance for Hayes Autos, Elitas Travel, Paleto Truck Sales dealers.
-Disabled restricted zones in LSIA and Zancudo airbase.
-Fixed unwanted character movement while the player is in showroom mode.
-Added big "Test-Drive" message when player enters test-drive/test-fly mode.
-Disabled seller's notifications for all dealers (Temporarily).


Car Dealership Mod - ImNotMentaL
INMNativeUI - ImNotMentaL
PDMTool - ImNotMentaL
Map addon & mod tweaks - DJ-LEXX


dexyfex for Codewalker
skylumz for Dlc Pack Creator & YTYP Generator
0xd4d for amazing dnSpy
Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV
crosire for ScriptHookVDotNet
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