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Advanced Looting V (Death Blips Included) 2.0


This is similar to the deathblips from RDR 1 and RDR 2 They used this in GTA until now :)

It also includes looting. I know there is already a looting script but I've added stuff like where you are in area so if you loot poor looking people you will get low amount of money unlike rich/hooker/strippers they give a bit more money. I plan to add more features! Hope you enjoy.


- Depends on what area you are is how much money you get from looting
- Animation for looting
- When you kill a ped a blip appears on where they died
- Sound plays if you get money
- Player gets angry if you get not a lot of money or nothing
- Player is happy when finds lots of money.
- Witness system

How to install:

Move deathblips.dll to scripts folder in GTA V dir



- Added a witness system so when you loot someone and a ped sees that they will call the police on phone. Just like in rdr 2 only they don't call on phone :)

1.1: (small update hotfix pretty much)

- Fixed a bug where you could loot in vehicle!
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