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Classic GTASA Vehicle Mechanisms 3.0


Developed By JeffParkerModHD!
To install just move files over to GTAV folder!

Versions 1-2!
Files to move:

Version 3.0!
Files To move:

The mod adds back the old gta sa vehicle mechanisms into gta 5 so the only one i have added is the one where if your upside down your vehicle will catch fire and there for explode.

1.0: Release (BTW i did not have time to test the portion for the peds i decided i might release it as of rn due to my back hurting badly.)

2.0: Just modified the ticks interval to avoid problems with FPS & Removed a ton of unused code.

3.0: Ported to c++ from c#. Now compatible with Alexanders Scripthookv. Does NOT rely on scripthookvDotNet ANYMORE! Along with actually spawning a fire attached to the car.

NOTICE: By request you can ask me to code more features into the mod do not just rate my mod horrible because you were to ignorant to ask me.

Why did i make this mod you may be asking?
I made it because my highschool friends really enjoyed gta sa on the ipad and on ps2 or ps3 whatever they were on they enjoyed it so i added one of the features in the game onto gta 5! :)

I enjoyed this project i hope you did too! :)
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