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MP Female Improved Bra [Replace/.OIV] 1.2


A simple mod that replaces the default bustier for MP Female characters with a more realistic and practical bra, made by myself from nothing but existing vanilla files. Also comes with undershirt version.

New in V1.2:
Fixed entire bra going very dark and sweaty almost immediately due to messed up vertex painting. I've just made it so sweat doesn't affect it, like every other MP character clothing item.

New in V1.1:
Fixed several shortfalls of models, remapped a few bits, and added new specmap.
Added new textures and colours, replacing existing patterns, so your bra looks like a bra would look like. If you don't like them just use the base game's files instead, they'll still work with the tweaked model.

Enough said really. It's rigged, it works, it looks good, it reuses the original textures, it has an installer, there's very little clipping, it is Firekitten™ Approved

Full Bra is Top no. 112
Undershirt Bra is Accessory no. 69
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Првпат Додадено: Октомври 12, 2020
Последно Ажурирање: Ноември 6, 2020
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 1.2 (current)

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