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Vom Feuer Combat Pistol [Animated] 1.2


From the company that brought you a carbine rifle with a suppressor the size of the moon, a fucking machete, and that one ceramic pistol nobody cares about, comes a modern classic, the Vom Feuer Combat Pistol. Chambered in 9x19, the Vom Feuer Combat Pistol is here for all Military, Police, Citizens, Gangbangers, or Terrorists who might need something reliable, boring, and customizable. Just don't expect a .22 variant any time soon, we had issues with those.

Lorified Glock 17, taken from Black Mesa standalone, modified extensively and made to work in-game. The weapon is a replacer for the Combat Pistol only. It won't work in the pistol slot, though Vx5 has a cool one that does replace the pistol. I don't plan on making many more weapon mods, only if I see a model I think would be really cool to work on.

Tints that can be somewhat customized.
Working weapon animations and attachments.
Working first person view and functional sights.
Custom magazines.

New in v1.2:
Redid tint system in it's entirety.
New and improved look for several tints.
New custom extended magazine.
Updated weapon decals.
Updated weapon magwell.
Removed annoying artifacts in diffuse texture on top of chamber.

New in v1.1:
Updated decals a little bit.
Tweaked some parts so normals behave better
Fixed mapping so takedown pins don't have bits of tint on them and stuff.
Made barrel slightly shinier.
Various tiny things I couldn't be bothered to fix before release.

extract the files from the archive and put them in basically any .rpf archive that's from a recent update. Or you can do what I do, which is put modded weapons in an addon dlc, in which case I'd recommend using albo's one. Oh yeah, also, use your mods folder. Come on people, this isn't difficult.

Free for all to use in FiveM, singleplayer, etc.
Free to modify and redistribute privately, provided no money is being made.

Crowbar Collective - Black Mesa glock model & textures
Rockstar Games - Lore weapon decals
AllenKennedy - Ripping, fixing, refixing, testing, suffering, etc.
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