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Generic SWAT Ped [Replace | LODs] 1.1


This mod replaces the Vanilla SWAT Ped with a more modern and realistic equipped SWAT Ped.

See all images of the GENERIC SWAT PED

-High quality models
--The polygons are reduced as much as possible while maintaining the quality of the original models.

-High quality textures
--Many textures have been reworked (removed dirt, changed colors).

-Realistic gears
--It includes some realistic equipment such as Crye JPC 1.0 and G3 Combat Uniform, Atlantic Signal Combat PTT, Taser x26p and Night Vision Goggles (with glowing lenses).

-Working LODs
--Lower the quality of the models depending on the drawing distance to keep the performance of the game. (L0=35K,L1=3K, L2=0.5K Polys)

-Working Blood, Bullet Holes
--Pants and shirts have accurate Blood and Bullet Hole Mapping based on GTA5 specifications.

-Multiple Organization Textures
--In addition to LSPD SWAT, real-life units textures such as LAPD SWAT and the FBI are also included (this mod does not aim for 100% accuracy).

It is recommended to back up the original files before the installation!

Replace all the files in this location

If the old Ped is loaded, install it in this location.


The Optional Colors folder contains other color variations that are available.
It's not a problem if the textures don't display in OpenIV!

Please observe the following rules when editing and releasing the textures of this mod.

1. Please credit all names included in this mod.

2.Please do not upload files except texture files (YTD). 

3.Please do not profit from retexturing.

1.0 -First release
1.1 -Added Ranger Green, Fixed some textures(Black, Navy), Added a setup with(to Accs 004) no caps/helmets

Rockstar Games
Infinity Ward
Electronic Arts

Special thanks to crunchycat, Theofficialthrowaway, Alex Preacher, gabe.  for taking the screenshots!
And thanks to crunchycat and Howard for the beta test!

Please do not unlock files or make any edits without permission.
Also, please do not try to profit from any of the parts included in this mod.
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