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Arctic Fox Soldier Pack 1.0.2


This simple little pack was neat to make and I'm sure it will be enjoyed greatly by whoever downloads it.

-UPDATE 1.0.2-
I'm working on another trailer for an upcoming mod and I needed a bit of variety to the character, so I made this. It's bird related so keep that in mind. Only a foolish cat who is going through an identity crisis will wear this fashionable garment.

-UPDATE 1.0.1-

I'm working on a machinima and I made a custom Press Vest for it. I thought it looked cool as hell and it turned out better than I hoped so might aswell add it to the pack. If I make any more reskins that go well with these foxes, I'll be sure to include them with updates. And you never know, maybe they will get some custom guns too.

This only works with multiplayer models but those are easily spawnable in single player and shouldn't be used in MP. Instructions to download it are in the Readme and the skins work for both genders. There are two vests, one with Paramedic on the front and a cross on the back, and one with only the cross. Combat pants with the snow camo, combat sweater with the snow camo, and an arctic fox mask reskin.

Reskinning the fox mask was the hardest part of this mod, only because it was an unwrapped UV map and i had to make sure nothing was bleeding over to other parts of the model. I gave the little fox blue eyes and white fur, with slightly darker ears for variety purposes. There are a few ways you can combine the different clothes to add some snowy style to your character, but since this was more of a test of my skills and getting a feel for how reskins work, it isn't that diverse.

Now that I know my way around the files and stuff, you can expect more reskins and themed packs coming your way!


https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/Trumple ~creator of the Ped Riot mode which was also used in the trailer and is also just plain cool

https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/zombies-beta ~Creator of the Zombies mod which was almost used in the trailer and is cool enough to give credit to anyway

If I get good feedback on the trailer that took me a full 2 days to make, I might make a sequel with these foxes. (spoiler, they all live). That damn thing took so much effort but in the end, it doesn't look like something that a noob with the Rockstar Editor made, which I am.
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