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PEV: Brutal Writhes & Deaths 1.0 Release


=== Official Project Enhancement V Discord ===
Make sure to join our Discord for suggestions, bug reports, support, and a look at what's going on. "https://discord.gg/apm3xCcg82".

=== About Project Enhancement V ===
"PEV is a collection of modifications to enhance Grand Theft Auto V without the use of scripts with many hours formulating ideas, conducting analytical researches, investigations, and tests, as well as working around the limits through every loophole we can possibly find to push the game's native files to its limits."

=== About Brutal Writhes & Deaths ===
An audio replacement for pain sounds emitted by peds writhing or dying.

=== Features ===
- Peds writhing and or dying from direct gunfire is now more disturbing. This includes crying, yelling and screaming, pleading and more.
- Uses sounds remixed by me from vanilla in-game sounds and some select sounds from other games (May expand on this later).

=== Installation ===
1.) Run, and install the .OIV package provided in the winrar file.
2.) Go and play.

=== Changelog ===
Release 1.0

Modified for Project Enhancement V
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