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864927 carspic Auto-Center Steering Patch од InfamousSabre 24.617 · 283 ·

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  • C5dd29 face

    @RippaRoo: That is indeed odd. Nothing my script is doing, however.

    Септември 20, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @TheGreatLiukage: Yes, a video would be nice. What you're describing tells me that it is displaying the wrong ammo above the pickup. One-in-the-chamber is the way that weapon is intended to work, so it should only ever show 1 or 0 ammo.

    Септември 20, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @ThunderBolt: Yes, you can configure as many groups as you want.

    @satyr: An update should not stop either of those things from working. As far as supporting new weapons, I won't be updating GTA anytime soon. Sorry.

    Септември 13, 2017
  • C5dd29 face


    "Anyone knows if there's a verison updated for 1.0.1103.2?" :
    Unless you see one here, there isn't.

    "Picking up weapons like the musket and vintage pistol only have one magic bullet in them." :
    I assure you, bullets are not magic. The musket is a muzzle-loader and therefore can only ever hold one 20mm lead ball. You can hold up to 20, but you'll have to get ammo elsewhere. The vintage pistol holds up to 7 rounds in it's magazine. Not sure what problem you're having there.

    "I'd be happy to do it myself if anyone could point me in the right direction? Just not sure if that's a script side issue or .meta one" :
    Any issues arising from updates are easily fixed by editing the new DLC's .meta files and this script's .xml files. No script updates are required.

    Септември 13, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @TheGreatLiukage: Of course the Musket only has one bullet in it... Muskets have no magazine, they are muzzle loaded!

    Септември 9, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @Steambun: If you ever figure out / fix the issue with the second player freezing when far away from the player, PLEASE tag me or message me and let me know. I've been having this same issue with my Twisted Metal script.

    Август 30, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @th1sguy26: Thought it was pretty straightforward, but you just use the "Package Installer" in OpenIV

    Август 28, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @TheGanjaFarmer: I'm glad you're enjoying it :) yes, ammo types and reward data are all that need to be fixed. If you need me to explain further, I can do that when I get back home.

    Август 14, 2017
  • C5dd29 face

    @awsi_2100: I like the idea, and it is one that I have wanted to implement for a while, but I'm not really modding GTA anymore.

    @Ramtino: Yep. Delete the Pickups folder and the Pickups.asi from the game directory. Then restore the backup you should have made before installing. If you didn't make a backup: If you installed to the mods folder, delete the mods folder and start over. If you installed to the game folder, start reinstalling the game.

  • C5dd29 face

    @TBG: Partly because I already explained how to do it, and if anyone doesn't understand, I don't really care. Partly because I'm lazy. However, mostly because I have more important things to do. Sorry :( GTA Mods don't pay bills. I wish they did.

    @SkyRayzor @Ramtino: This can be updated by anyone. No code needs to be changed for an update. I made it this way on purpose, so nobody should be waiting on me.

    @awsi_2100: This is correct. I'm honestly surprised nobody has mentioned this yet. I simply forgot to include this feature. My mistake >_<