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Off-Road motorcycle cop with CHP cruisers and more dirt bikes 2.0


Now in oiv format for easy installation!

Download the rar and extract it you will need to use the latest version of OpenIV found Here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv

Formerly only available in the GTA V RE-Sized Mod, now let loose on the Streets of Los Santos!

This is another addon car pack concept that brings Sanchez riding Motorcycle cops to L.S. off road areas and the desert. IT will also naturally spawn more dirt vehicles to have when in the off-road and desert areas, it has a more diverse spawn ratio of cars and bikes in game too.

Also included with this mod are some extras like timecycle edits etc., Since the gameconfig can vary depending on which version of update.rpf you have we have the mod so you can dissect it as you like and mix it in with your mods too. ( I Hope. )

Originally designed to enhance the Sanchez handling then included with GTA V RE-Sized we have decided to let this mod out on its own now.

We hope you enjoy the chases and fun!

Some texture edits by RkrdM are used for a couple of the motorcycles, The kart car is by louping0 but does not have mod ability currently so it is a rail buggy effectively, Polaris is done by popos1 and the knucklehead bobber from Vans123 .

I included these since it was an off-road mod mostly and they are cool cars I thought would be fun. I have asked and not been told I can not use them so I included them. IF there are any concerns or complaints against me using them they will be removed.

I used an early version of IVPack addon cars to build my files in and will continue to edit it out completely. Currently this mod uses the names: Admiral, Angel. cheetah2, esperanto, merit, pheonix2, pinnacle, tampa, turismo2, vincent and yankee. So it can conflict with the IVPack version 1,2 and three. I want to change that but have had many difficulties. ( I am very open to help on how to change the names to completely new names for each vehicle in the pack.)

Since we are all ripping off Rockstar Games to edit their game files into our own mods I feel I am not ripping off others in including their mods to supply my concept and how I used them. It is called modding, we all take from Rockstar to make our own version of the game files and function, so there should be no room for complaint that I used these mods too. I have stated that I used them and credited the authors, I even tried to connect with the authors but got no negative replies so I used them and credited them for their contribution to this mod.
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