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East Joshua Road Street Lights [Menyoo / YMAP / FiveM] 1.1

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Features: 1.0
This mod adds street lights at east joshua road.
Snow 1
Snow 2

Features: 1.1
This mod adds street lights at east joshua road.

Note: 1.0
Only Start/Load one of these files!

1.0 - Installation Menyoo:
Drag the xml in menyooStuff >> Spooner then load ingame open menyoo >> object spooner >> manage saved files and load
East Joshua Road [Normal/Snow1/Snow2]

1.0 - Installation FiveM:
Drag the EastJoshuaRoadLightsNormal/Snow1/Snow2 in resources then go to server.cfg and
ensure EastJoshuaRoadLightsNormal
ensure EastJoshuaRoadLightsSnow1
ensure EastJoshuaRoadLightsSnow2


1.1 - SinglePlayer Installation:
Drag and drop the folders into 'GTAV>mods>update>x64>dlcpack' on OpenIV
Then go to your dlclist.xml located in 'GTAV>mods>update>update.rpf>common>data'
Right click on dlclist.xml click edit scroll to the bottom and enter 'dlcpacks:/eastjoshuaroad/'

Remove the spaces between "<>" and "item"

1.1 - FiveM Installation:
Drag & drop in Resources folder and enter 'ensure EastJoshuaRoadLightsNormal' in server.cfg
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Првпат Додадено: Април 24, 2023
Последно Ажурирање: Ноември 11, 2023
Последно Симнување: пред 24 саати

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