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S15 Drift Handling [Definitive]



here is a drift handling for the s15 made by erfet : https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-silvia-s15-tunable

Originally, I took my handling for the rx-7 but had problems on the suspensions, something was hitting the body of the car and maked a noisy sound and forcing the car to loose its rear grip for no reasons
This handling is the result of how I fix it, It's not completely fixed because you can ear a sound when you try to take speed like someone is hitting a metal piece with his hands but you'll forget it fast :p

Here is the handling of the rx-7, with videos of how it looks : https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rx-7-drift-handling

So now, what changes in this one :

-You will take more grip, basically you'll slide less
-the rear tires will do more their work, accelerating to make the car drifting rather than just sliding
As a consequence, the car take short line, you'll have to play with the joystick to keep the car at the angle you want to take a larger line

The other isn't really noticeable...

Anyway, it's a very maniable car now, i'm proud of it

Because of recent stealing files and re-use of a part of some models I make, I need unfortunately to make a disclaimer :
By downloading, you agree that:
You are not allowed to re-upload my files, take a part of my mods and post it anywhere without my permission.

To have it, you need to ask for it in the post where is the model/the mod you want to re use

Hope you'll enjoy it :>
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