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Lamborghini 5.2L V10 [Add-On Sound] 4.0


This sound is a vanilla edit for a Lamborghini Huracan mainly the GT3, GT3 Evo, Super Trofeo etc. It comes with both a Naturally Aspirated and Turbo version in the pack.

[Important Note]
It's been a while making this and learning things along the way. I love making mods but consequently, constantly working on something new that will please the enclave is very trying and it puts an immense strain on me mates. Also, I'm doing my Computer Science degree so I will be AWOL very often.

Eat healthy, do something productive with your life and until next time. See ya ;)

How to initialise:

After Installation>
---if you prefer an on the go method, make sure you have the latest version of Enhanced Native Trainer. Go to Vehicles/Modifications/Engine Sound and enable. Then select the third option and type either "italiannav10" for the Naturally Aspirated version or "italianttv10" for the Twin Turbo version.

---if you prefer to have the sound set for specific cars when you spawn them, you need to edit the vehicles.meta of the desired vehicle and edit the audioNameHash entry. As stated above, choose Naturally Aspirated or Twin Turbo.

Version 4.0 Provides exhaust pops, transmission, turbo and air intake synths for the turbo version only.
The NA version is actually supposed to be a bone stock version.

Credits/Thank yous:
Codewalker by dexyfex
Dat151 Tips and Tricks - SKypilaine
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 4.0 (current)

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Март 1, 2022

 3.0 [Turbo + N/A Update] OIV+Addon

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Февруари 3, 2022


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Септември 20, 2021

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