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APC GTA 4 TBOGT Style (Rebalanced Weapons) 1.1 (Beta)


This Mod was inspired by GhillieMaster's attempt to make the APC more fun and balanced in GTAO

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLt4IDN2gY0

This mod changes similair things to GTA V's APC, but with some modifications.

-v- vehicleweapons_apc.meta -v-

Base Turret: The turrets firerate has been improved and it has been given a different explosion tag (valkyries nose turret) to make it not spray and pray. It will now roughly take
4 to 8 hits to destroy a basic vehichle depending on where you hit the vehicle and it will most likey take 1-2 shots to kill a ped. However the range is not great so you will
struggle agianst aircrafts.

Missile Turret: The missisles are now much faster and will have a 1,5 seconds cooldown between each shot. Vehichles will be destroyed in 1-2 hits and peds most of time instantly.
Aircrafts will have no chance agianst the insane range of the missisle, but large groups of enemy might have chance to take the apc down.

-v- handling.meta -v-
It has been changed so the driver can use the main turret. The MGs on the side can still be operated by the 2 in the back seat.

-v- explosion.meta -v-
The valkyrie explosion tag has been changed so cars dont blow up in 1-2 hits but 4-8 to compesate for the increased firerate. This make the valkyrie also more balanced if your
co-pilot has laser accuracy.

-v- Optional SAM - vehicleweapons_apc.meta -v-
The Missile launcher has been upgraded to lock on to vehicles and aircrafts to defend areas from targets from the ground. In just a few seconds you can fire multiple fast traveling
rockets to destroy jets, helicopters and even ground targets. These rockets track your target precisely and with their speed, nothing that flies has a change.

These changed have been made to return the classic style of the GTA 4 TBOGT APC. It will also require you to choose between shredding ground targets but struggling against
aircrafts and vice versa.

Install instructions:
You will need OPENIV
MODS Folder HIGHLY Recommended!

Place explosion.meta in Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf\common\data
Place handling.meta in Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpgunrunning\dlc.rpf\common\data
Place vehicleweapons_apc.meta Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpgunrunning\dlc.rpf\common\data\ai

for the optional SAM
Place vehicleweapons_apc.meta Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpgunrunning\dlc.rpf\common\data\ai


Current Bugs:
Missiles have no firing sound (main turret works fine)
The SAM can only lock on to vehicles the apc is facing (Like the headlights, not the turret. this is why you can't fire behind you)
The SAM Turret has instant lock-on
When you aim with the SAM Turret it locks the camera in place where your locked on to, limiting your movement

If you want TBOGT deformation you will need to install GTA IV Vehicle Damage Handling Deformation:

Future Plans:
Fix bugs
Add option for fast firing missiles (like in ghilliemasters vid)
Add other rebalanced vehicles

1.0 Release
1.1 Added SAM option (with lock-on)
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