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  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @sjaak327 I like this trainer, but there's a big trouble with him: We can't change the size of the font.
    I got a visual deficiency in my both eyes, and if i could increase the size of the font on this trainer, and change it's position on the screen, i think i'd get use it better.
    This mod is amazing, but as i said, it's still missing something: The resource which allow us to increase the size of the font.

    пред 3 дена
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @seanau Try to download it again. This damage may be caused by an issue on your internet, or on your browser

    Септември 3, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @theNGclan I'm sorry to say that. But I think that Menyoo PC SinglePlayer Trainer was discontinued by @MAFINS. Because since April, he doesn't give news, and some weeks was passed, since the GTA V is updated, but none update from menyoo was released.
    I‘m very sad with this situation, because Menyoo is the best trainer that I like to use in the game.

    Август 14, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @dionys19 Thanks for the hint, buddy. But i don't need that at the moment, because the only one version from the GTA that i've updated, is the version which i use to play in GTA Online.
    Before GTA V being updated to newest version (1.44), i made a security copy from the previous version to another folder outside of the Steam Directory, and saved it in my external HD to not take the risk to have it updated, and lose the mods.
    I don't care update my game to use mods, because Menyoo is more importante to me, that any other mod menu. And, if this asshole is gone, just like you said to me, that's great. When ever i wanting use Menyoo to create my maps, i got everything that i need: The previous version from the GTA V (1.43).

    Август 12, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @jetc34 If your Menyoo isn't working at the newest version from your GTA, the only one solution would be, you make a downgrade from the newest version to the previous version from the game.
    I'm keeping my Menyoo working in my GTA, because i keep two version from the game installed in my pc. The previous version (1.43), which i use to play in Story Mode with mods. And the newest version (1.44 which is the update from "After Hours DLC".
    If i could, i'd upload the executable version from my GTA to the cloud, and put the link available for the community to download it.
    But my cloud manager doesn't supports upload files too big.

    Август 12, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @TheCatWizard yeah, i know that!
    But he should let a message pinned at comments over here speaking that the mod won't be updated any more. But i ask you: Did he done it?
    If he done it, i don't saw. The reason by the what i'm sad with this situation, it's because i know Menyoo deeply. Every advanced resources from this mod menu, everything! And despite he being everything you said to me, i can't agree, nor accept that a so nice, and advanced trainer just like this, be abandoned, and worse: Without any warning for community.
    I think that the community have the right to know that the mod won't be updated any more.
    @MAFINS made a big mistake doing what he's done.
    And if the Menyoo don't be updated any more, if someday, @MAFINS to decide to get back with the Project, he'll be antagonized for a lot of members from the community.
    If someday he's decided to build a advanced mod menu, with so many resources for someday finish everything just like that, without to inform the community, it would better never had built it. Because he abandoned the community, just like most of modders does.
    I see so good mods over here which creator started them creations, but abandoned, and just vanished without to inform the community.
    Modders just like these make, not only to me, but make a lot of players angry.
    @MAFINS made me angry. And if he don't appear with some warning about he's mod, or na update, i'm sure that many players over here will be angry with him too.
    I'm sorry my english, if having some wrong word, and everything i told you.

    Август 6, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MAFINS is doing something very wrong at the community: To begin, isn't responding to our a lot of comments. And do you wanna know what i think about that?
    People just like @MAFINS which make a mod menu rich in lot of advanced resources, making the community to like it so much, and some day, just vanishes, abandoning the community, without none warning, really: If you done that @MAFINS, i'm so sorry to say that!
    But people that do this are a fuckn' assholes, that doesn't worry with community.
    And yo are becoming a fuckin' asshole.

    Август 6, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    Nice comment, @FoxTrot999!
    To have conditions to Spawn all GTA Online vehicles, and get a lot of Money, is very good. But we also want to create maps, and another things at the game. And the Menyoo brought a lot of advanced resources to us. Resources that MapEditor should to have, but it doesn't got.
    Like i've already said at one of my comments above, if the Menyoo died at the GTA V's previows version, i won't to update it.
    I will keep the two versions: The previows version, that i use to work with mods, and the latest version 1.44 that i use to play on GTA Online. And my advice to everyone that likes Menyoo, is to do just like that, if Menyoo do not be updated any more.
    This is it.

    Август 5, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @noahp21 We do not use Menyoo, because we like to play only.
    We're using Menyoo, because we like to do something besides to play. We like to create things into the game. And mod menus, just like Simple Trainer, MapEditor, and others won't having so much resources, just like Menyoo.

    Август 5, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @WeteranBF3 @MAFINS That's very strange, because we're talking about a mod menu extremally rich in a lot of resources. Resources which the game doesn't gives to us. I do things with this mod, that i'd never would do at the game without this mod.
    If something happens with @MAFINS, and this mod won't be upated anymore, well: I won't update the version from the game that i use mods, anymore.

    Август 4, 2018