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  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MAFINS forgive me about everything that i told against you over here!
    Buddy, if you'd had put a pinned warning at the top of the comments, I'd never done what I did.
    The next time you face some issues, difficults, and be unable to keep updating your mod, please tell us!
    Because if you'd had done this before, I wouldn't stay so angry like I've been.
    Sorry about everything!
    Maybe I've made a mistake, a big mistake, and I'm here apologizing youm and I hope that someone else over here, also dorgives me about everything.
    I thought you've got serious sick, or maybe dead @MAFINS
    Anyway, thanks for your mention about me, and I hope that Menyoo still be alive. Because until today I still keep the previous version of the game, where Menyoo was updated for last time, the version 1.43.

    пред 16 саати
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @Smill Wiff The @MAFINS which doesn't updated Menyoo to the previous version of GTAVV 1.44.
    He disappeared since April, and only now, just now, he comes back over here.

  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    Hey community! The desappeared is got back.

  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    I think who's made this mod, should have more responsability, and compromise to warn the community about it's discontinuation, but not!
    Everything this freaking dick's done, was vanish from the community since April of this year.
    The update is released to us, but nothing of updates for Menyoo.
    Everything we had over here, was a person representing @MAFINS, telling us that he is so busy with studies. Truth or lie? Only God knows.
    The person representing him, was leave his message to us, but and him! How many times came here after the the "After Hours" Update?
    None! Zero times!!! 00:00:00.

    Декември 3, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MegaDeveloper I've done just like you told me: I've removed all mods from the Scripts folder, leaving only the Terrorbyte's mod, but unsucessfull.
    Please answer a curiosity!
    About the ini files, do i have to change some setting inside some ini file to make it work?
    I've already looked the files to look for some set value to be changed, but i rather to know from you if do i have to change some setting to make the mod work on the game.
    If your answer if Yes, please tell me what setting value change in file to make it work.

    Ноември 23, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @HeySlickThatsMe Thanks buddy!
    Sometimes i stay confused at the time to write, but you understood correctly.

    Ноември 22, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MegaDeveloper Buddy, tell me what's the position of the files in your Scripts folder!
    I don't know if is my game that's with some problem, or me which didn't installed correctly.

    Ноември 22, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @HKH191 It didn't worked, buddy.
    I've done just like you've teached, but it does not works.
    I'm sorry to telling that, my friend, but i think it maybe don't works perfectly. And i think which Rockstar done that purposely. Actually, i believe the Rockstar Games doesn't likes that modders uses from the GTA Online in SinglePlayer mode.
    Do you remind of that time, which Rockstar tryed to finish with the mods on GTA V?
    They blocked the OpenIV, they're done a true shit with the modders.
    They maybe got fear of someone release a video showing the big cheat of Rockstar Games to lie to all multiplayer's players about interiors of Mobile Operations Center, Avenger, and now, Terrorbyte.
    Nobody needs to be modder to discover that Mobile Operations Center, Avenger, and Terrorbyte are a big lie from Rockstar Games.
    For exemple: When we get on Nervous Center from the Terrorbyte, if we open the map of GTA V, we gonna see that our location is the same of the truck.
    But, just pick your mobile on the game, and get a self picture, ou any other picture from the Nervous Center. Then, open the Snapmatics gallery on the game menu, and take a look on the locations of the picture you got of the Nervous Center, and you and everyone else will see that actually, the Nervous Center isn't where is the truck, but underground the airport. Just like the mobile operations center is on underground the port, and not at the trailer. Just like the operations center from Avenger is not at the aircraft, but inside the mount chilead.
    I only didn't a video criticizing all these lies from GTA Online, because a don't have a enought public subscribed in my channel. But maybe i do that someday.
    Terrorbyte, just like Avenger, and the Mobile Operations Center, they has teleporting markers which moves together them.
    I imagine that all this sincronization of teleporting markers, is done through engines of the game that works together the servers from the Rockstar Games in the cloud.
    I think which there are some scripts on the game that only works with the servers of Rockstar Games, and there, is the reason by the what, nobody still got the done of make some itens from the MP towork perfect in the SinglePlayer Mode.
    I hate Rockstar Games because of that!
    Besides only release DLC.s which works only Online Mode, they're put a wall over us to prevent everyone to use the multiplayer itens in SinglePlayer mode.
    Look my friend! If you get which this mod makes the Terrorbyte work in SinglePlayer Mode, with all teleporting's markers synced with the truck, it's gonna be a miracle.
    Despite everything that i told you, i still believe in work of the modders, including yours.
    So, don't give up, but keep trying to do the best, all right?
    I'll keep here waiting for news.
    Have a good day!

    Прошири да го видиш цел коментар
    Ноември 21, 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @HKH191 Thanks buddy, i gonna do just like that.

    Ноември 21, 2018