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    @SkylineGTRFreak & Tails330
    Hi my friend, i liked the mod. And i would like request you, if's possible, more improvements or enhancements for the next update, like for exemple: If you added so many chairs at the plane with a amazing interior, why not add warps at each chair?
    Despite the game allow us warp only in the chair of pilot, maybe you know a mod menu called Menyoo that allow us warp at any chair from any vehicle on the game.
    And what i'm requesting to you is possible to do. Because, playing with the plane Luxo Deluxo on the game, using the menyoo i got warp my character in various chairs at the plane, and i got screenshots from this.
    If you wanna see it, please give me your e-mail address, that i'll send to you.

    Февруари 28, 2018
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    Важен Коментар

    Imagine you in a yacht over the sea!
    Imagine you at the deck, or at the boat restaurant drinking a nice coffee, and listening a good music, and nothing, nothing besides de sky, the breeze and the ocean around you.

    Февруари 13, 2018
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    Hey pal, i've installed the mod, and i saw that exists some props called interior alien, or alie_interiors.
    So, why you do not add interesting interiors, like interiors from yacht galaxy for exemple?
    I've made some modifications at the content file, and i've added the int_mp_yacht.rpf to make it work on the game, but no sucess.
    When i gonna open the game, it crashes.
    So, if you wanna turn your mod more interesting, add all interiors from the Galaxy Super Yacht at the mod, and i'll give you my five stars.
    I've broken and burned my fucking head to make these interiors work on the game, but the Fucking Rockstar's blocked them.
    So, if you had sucess to unlock alien_interiors, i'm sure you can unlock all interiors from yacht and bring them to the mod.
    If you wanna take my five stars, please do this.
    You find all interiors from GTA Online's yacht in \update\x64\dlcpacks\mpapartment\x64\levels\gta5\interiors\int_mp_yacht.rpf

    Февруари 10, 2018
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    @Whats a Username? I gonna see the possibility to bring a yacht very away from Los Santos map, but before that, i need do some tests.
    As i've already told you at the last comment, to add a yacht away from Los Santos map, we'll need a mod called NoBoundaryLimits to break the cheating limit that Rockstar's put at the game to screw with any player that go besides these limits. Besides that, i would need put a blip at the yacht for players to find it easy. But my knowledges are yet limited about programation codes, and about add blips to the maps. But you may be sure that i'll bring diferent something to the community soon. Even that it doesn't be so away, but i'll bring something at my possibilities.

    Февруари 7, 2018
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    @Whats a Username? It's good to know you think like me, my friend. yachts are my great passion on GTA, while the most from the players just thinks in weapons, deaths, destructions, and so many another bad things at the game.
    Since when i've known about yachts in the game, knowing a amazing mod menu that's no just a mod menu, but a amazing and complete map editor, discovering the possibility to build my own yacht manually, so i've started the map editor's studies. I studyed eacht resource, eacht prop, and it was so i had the idea to build my yacht wherever i would want.
    Studying all props at the mod menu's list, i saw that it was missing something: The Map Editor had all external props from yacht, but from interior i don't found these props.
    So, accessing the files from the GTA through the OpenIV, I discovered all props from interior from the yacht. So, I`ve made a updated proplist for the Map Editor, but I discovered something that leaved me sad. The Rockstar Games blocked all interiors from the boat, because I don`t get spawn them on the yacht.
    Anyway my friend, if you read the mod`s description, you gonna see I talking about this subject.
    My conclusions about this trouble`s that Rockstar Fucking Games cheated us, limiting us at the game, but about this subject, I talk with you another time.
    About what you`ve told to me at your comment my friend, actually i have a built yacht very very very away from Los Santos. So away that you lose it from your sights. It's so away that i need use a mod called NoBoundaryLimits to go away and get at the my yacht. This mod called NoBoundaryLimits allows you fly besides the limits from the game's map.
    Even that, the Rockstar Fucking Games have cheated us: they's put limits at the map, and if you would go besides these limits If at the plane, your plane, would be broken, or if at the boat, your boat'd be underwater.

    Прошири да го видиш цел коментар
    Февруари 7, 2018
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    @satyr All right buddy!
    I'm preparing a new YMAP Yacht for Vespucci Beach. It's location will be on Pier Del Pierro and i'll add interesting stuff.
    I released this yacht over the sea for fiirst, just because i wanted do a diferente yacht, at a diferente location by the what nobody's made to this day.
    Yachts are the thing i more like at the game, so, i dedicate my time to make creative boats buildings over the sea.

    Февруари 6, 2018
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    @jay Ricardo, not, buddy.
    This is just a building map over the sea.
    But, i'll release updates with improvements on the future, and i'm working to bring something, nobody brought to this day that's interiors from the boat, where the player will can live inside the boat, save his game progress, and restart the game inside the boat, but it will depend from a lot of studies from game's files, because the Rockstar Games's blocked interiors props from the boat, and i need study a possibility to unlock them.
    So, i count with the community support giving hints, and if possible for someone over here, helpe me with financial support because i need improve my setup with a new video plate and a processor from 7ª generation.
    I pretend bring a lot of nice maps on the future, give support to community and very more.
    So, if someone can donate something to encourage us, it's just clicking the PayPal donation button at his mod.
    @Babybull, this mod isn't a vehicle, but a building over the sea.
    The GTA Online's Galaxy Super Yacht over the sea

    Февруари 6, 2018
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    Hey @sollaholla!
    I've liked the software, and i converted some maps created on menyoo, and i liked so much.
    But whatever i would like now, it's know how can i place blips for eacht map i create with the software.
    Even i need create a ini file, you, or anybody over here, give me a hint about how can i do to place blips for my created maps.
    If you or anybody over here can give me a hand with that, i'll be gratful.

    Февруари 5, 2018
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    @idighole27 Place the No_GTAVLauncher.exe and No_GTAVLauncher.asi into your game's directory.
    After place these files, run the game using the steam normally. Wait the game run, and the file "steam_appid" will be generated automatically.
    With this file into your GTA's directory, if you want, you can discard the No_GTAVLauncher.exe, & asi, and run your GTA by the source launcher, and it will run normally.
    You don't need have the game installed through the steam. you'll need the steam running just because your socialclub needs to communicating with your steam account to confirm your credentials, but if you've installed your GTA at another directory, if you've bought the game via steam, you must keep steam running, just to login on your socialclub account to run the game, but you don't need have the game installed on steam, and take risks to have the game updated.

    Февруари 5, 2018