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    Hi! I've tried this mod and i have a few problems with it. First of all, the constant reminder, that my warrant expires in 23hours and 59 minutes...58 minutes...57 minutes...
    Second, "stolen" doesn't seem to work. Cops wont recognise if a car is stolen, they don't even react when im steeling a car right in front of their eyes. Third, cops seem really confused whitin the first two wanted levels, its more like i have to chase them to keep the chase going and whenever they get out of their cars they(car) dissapper. As soon as i get the third star wanted level, they suddenly focus but they are as aggressive as they used to be. Also it takes them alot, like ALOT of time to recognise the player when you got a warrant. They do not react to speeding, AT ALL.
    I've tried to make it work with adding "Pull Me Over" and "COPS: back on the beat" but that doesn't seem to help. So right now this mod seems to be broken and I'm just using "COPS" and "Pull Me Over" instead. I hope this gets worked on because i really like the idea and how it is implemented.

    Август 28, 2022
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    @Real_Gabe Ah, okay! That makes sense! I also use the addon spawner which I forgot about, that spawns additional cars from the dlcs. I think I'm gonna stick to the mods. But thank you alot for your help! And a big THANK YOU for Real RAGE!! I love it!

    Октомври 20, 2019
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    @Real_Gabe im using iv pack. no other car mods. and a few wheelpacks. 4GB of memory.
    Thank you for your quick reply!

    Октомври 19, 2019
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    Hi Gabe! My game stops working when i install your gamconfig.xml. It doesn't load completely and crashes. I got packfile limit adjuster and heap adjuster installed. Is there anything that I'm missing or something? When I go back to the original file the game works with the latest version of RAGE.

    Btw. thanks for your help with AITG! I tried to delete the relations.dat but that didn't help. I don't know whats the problem so I stopped using AITG! RAGE is worth it!

    Октомври 19, 2019
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    @Real_Gabe thank you very much! For your quick response and help and for this awsome mod! Thank you!
    The problem is fixed!

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    Hi @DreamlnCode ! Great Mod! But I got a little problem. Any idea why AITG would conflict with Real RAGE? Since I got RAGE installed everytime i start AITG people start freaking out, fighting and shooting each other. Really weird! Its not triggerd by F10, i changed it to 0. I don't know what and how. Mabey you got an Idea. I asked Real_Gabe, too. Thanks man!

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    Hi @Real_Gabe ! I got a little problem with your mod. I got AITG too and it used to work just fine, but since i got RAGE installed, everytime i start AITG people seem to....rage!?! The peds suddenly start fights with other peds and start racing to get to other peds just to pull them out of their cars. They start shooting each other and stuff like that.
    Do you have any idea why that is? Originally AITG is started with F10. I thought this might trigger something so i changed it to 0. But its defenetly triggerd by AITG itself. Before RAGE everything was totally normal. And if i dont start AITG everything is fine. But as soon as I start it, its like a Gangwar, but all over the place. really strange. I would really like to figure this out so i can keep both RAGE and AITG.
    I hope you might have an idea how to solve this!
    Besides this little conflict, your mod is absolutely awsome! It changes the GTA experience alot!