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    @FrostyGaming This is an all in one mod, if you only need weapon, or vehicles or graphics mod you can download it separately.
    On the description tab you can find the links, fewer chance to mess up your other mods.

    But I can't guarantee compatibility with other mods just with my mods.

    пред 8 дена
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    @TheDomeZ :D
    This is a complex mod, changes a lots of things, I can't guarantee compatibility with other mods.

    пред 8 дена
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    @ExtendedM4gs I tested the carbine and carbine MKII rifles and 2-3 shots need to kill a ped, maybe 4 if you hit the limbs.

    Cops need a bit more in the chest area because of the body armor.

    I don't know why you need more shots.

    Октомври 29, 2019
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    @sjaak327 Sorry, never mind!
    I think I found the problem elsewhere!

    Октомври 28, 2019
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    If I enable "freeze time" the game crashes in 10-20 seconds.
    Sometimes crashing to desktop with a launcher notification (game stopped unexpectedly), sometime the game completly freezes and I have to logout from Windows and log in again with Ctrl+Alt+Del, sometimes the computer restarts (this is the rare one).

    Game is legal non steam edition and it is up to date.

    I'm using trainer 10.3 but this problem appeared several version before, maybe from v10.

    I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1809
    ReShade 4.3
    Latest ScriptHook
    OpenIV ASI and opencamera

    Октомври 28, 2019
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    Важен Коментар

    v3.0.0 (10/25/19)
    compatibility: 1.0.1737.6 | 1.48

    This is a new version, this is v3!
    From now the Real | RAGE mods version numbers are simplier/traditional for easier understanding.
    From now I will indicate the compatible game version and title update in release notes.
    Older (before v3) release notes are not included, because they are irrelevant to v3.

    Added „Optional” folder to Install and Uninstall folders.
    I will put modded files to here which are totally optional, they can impact heavily the performance of the game, and/or other mods use these files and you maybe don’t want to use mine, so it is not gonna installed automaticaly with the normal installer.
    Altered versions of my modded files goes here too.
    You need to install these files manually, installation instructions are on the 4th page.

    - Adjusted materials: opaque glass now can be shoot through, trees now can’t be shoot through;
    - Adjusted HVY DUMP: more mass, lowered the collision damage, lowered the deformation and the engine damage multiplier, increased speed, adjusted the brakes, adjusted suspension, now you can use it as a MONSTER TRUCK;
    - Minimalized the collision damage on all vehicles, so they probably not gonna blow up from high speed crash or from crushed by a tank (or HVY DUMP), DESTRUCTION DERBY IS ON!!!!;

    - Added gameconfig.xml: it will double the numbers of the ambient peds and cars; increased the number of parked cars and scenario peds.
    It may impact the performance, more VRAM needed;
    - Added altered version of my materials.dat: you can still shoot through more materials but vehicles can’t be shoot through in this version;

    Октомври 25, 2019
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    @vladimir850 Thank you very much!
    I will look into it and I will release this modification in the Optional folder.

    Октомври 25, 2019
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    @ExtendedM4gs If we talking about a cop or swat, then yes.
    But if we talking about normal ped, then no.
    I can kill a ped with pistol 1-3 shots, with revolver 1-2 shots (mostly 1 shot).

    Which weapon is weak for you?

    Октомври 25, 2019
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    @sick-one I think the problem is that you are using addon cars.
    The game has to work with more cars than it's intended to and my gameconfig.xml double the vehicle population and your game can't handle this situtation.

    If you think, try to play without the car pack.
    If the game doesn't crash that was the problem.

    Октомври 19, 2019