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    Yes you need to add the names manually so that you can spawn them similar to all the other stock peds on Menyoo. The names need to match the file names of you peds (ytd ymt files) @MVP

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    Apparently it works, so you don't need to copy the whole x64a.rpf folder to your mods folder. Just saved me some space.

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    possible to put those textures to: \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures if I have installed VisualV

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    @MVP basically either of them.

    For example you have installed add-on peds (a.k.a spawn code) "batman" and "superman" you should type:
    <Category name="Others">
    <Ped name="batman" caption="My Awesome Batman" />
    <Ped name="superman" caption="My Awesome Superman" />

    each <Ped name=... /> is one entry to the menu, so it depends on what peds you have you can add as many as possible. The name=... should correspond to your spawn code while caption=... means the title you give to display on the menu.

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    For those of you who use Menyoo Trainer, you can add new peds to the menu without using (L) key.
    Here is how to do it:

    1. When install this mod, ignore the file in GTA5/scripts folder (means no need to copy that file to your game directory)

    2. Edit the file GTA5/menyooStuff/PedList.xml, adding the following lines between the last </Category> and </PedList>:

    <Category name="Others">
    <Ped name="ped_code1" caption="Title to display on the menu 1" />
    <Ped name="ped_code2" caption="Title to display on the menu 2" />

    For example:
    <Category name="Others">
    <Ped name="2b" caption="2B" />
    <Ped name="2bdlc" caption="2B (DLC)" />
    <Ped name="2barmor" caption="2B (Heavy Armor)" />
    <Ped name="a2" caption="A2" />
    <Ped name="a2dlc" caption="A2 (DLC)" />

    3. Save n close, restart the game. Open the trainer, and you will find the peds in "Player Options" => "Model Changer" => "Others"