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    You are off to a stellar batting average. WOOD download again.

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    One star given for each column of smoke, I was still able to simultanously observe, standing on a roof, more than a whole block away from the scene of crime.

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    @Eddlm Thanks, but I already reloaded the scripts inside the game using "insert". The only text file in the main folder is the "version" one. I have tried to clean up my registry, because I think that my NET.framework files might be the root of the problem. I am using Windows 10, so I can not just uninstall NET.framework and reinstall it, since it is already automatically integrated into the OS.

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    @Eddlm Well, I found out that I don't have any log files. Neither ScriptHookV or ScriptHookVDotNet generates any log files. No error messages and it loads my 3 .ASI files : Menyoo, SkipIntro and ScriptHookDotNet. I also downloaded another .DLL based mod : More Random Events. That mod works as intended, but no log is created. I uninstalled and reinstalled ALL my TEN different Visual redistrubutables. But still no logs. I simply don't get this. This is all on a new reinstalled game. No OpenIV modding or any other tinkering. Only the aforementioned mods and yours. As far as I know the .ASI and DLL mods should not even work without the logs, because the logs documents the initialisation of the ScriptHooks themselves. Do you have any suggestions about what is going on ?

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    First things first. Thank you for creating yet another absolutely essential mod. Here is my question. All the previous versions worked as intended, but the latest update simply does not work. What I mean is that nothing happens. Even if I turn on the debug notifications and use "insert" to reset the script while in the the game, no events trigger. I am playing a freshly installed and automatically updated legal non-steam version of the game, with no other mods installed, except for Menyoo, Skipintro and the required files for Lively World. What could possibly be the reason as to why it does not work. I am trying to remember if a script notification should pop up when I first enter the game, but I don't recall there was a notification in the earlier versions either. All help and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    Again, as stated before, cooler minds need to prevail here. We are all eagerly anticipating the update, but at the same time, we are really not entitled to anything.

    So, as we don't know the root cause of the delay, it is important that our speculations don't turn into suspicions.

    Февруари 16, 2016
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    I think we all need to relax a bit here. One thing is that mod-making is merely a hobby for all the talented and devoted content creators on this site, and therefore mod-making will of course, often not be the mod authors first priority in life. Another thing is that we have to be able to distinguish between a mod authors honest Intentions and the unpredictable nature of reality. Right now, we don't know the exact reason behind why this mod has not yet been updated, but that should in no way drive any of us to doubt the degree of the authors effort or the nature of their intentions :0)

    Февруари 13, 2016
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    Sorry, but I have to write again, I am really having trouble getting this mod to work. I tried installing the full folder version (0.7.12), but it is not making sense to me. When I try to add the files from the "RDE "and the "REALISM" folder into the "dlcpacks" section under x64 in openiv, I dont know where to put them. There are no folders in the "dlcpacks" section named RDE or Realism, which I guess makes sense since it's the name of the mod. So where am I then supposed to put them then. Also,since I dont know where to put them, how do I know which one of the original "dlcpacks" folders I have to copy into the "mods" folder ? Lastly, I still need to know if I am expected to download and install both the 0.8 beta and the 0.7.12 full version, if I want to experience everything this mod has to offer ? Again, thanks in advance to anyone taking some time out to help me out :O)

    Февруари 2, 2016
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    Hi mod authors. I have the following questions. As a new user of the mod, should I only download and install the 0.8 beta or should I download and install the entire full 0.7.12 package and then install the 0.8 beta ? My other question is regarding the differences between this mod and the Miracle of V mod. Since the mod shares some of the same authors, does that mean that Miracle of V effectively is a reduced version of Realism or are they two completely different mods? Thanks in advance :O)

    Февруари 1, 2016