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    Hi there, amazing mod!

    Unfortunately, the active part of the mod (the asi file) causes issues with street light shadows during night. Most of the time, they don't show up at all. Sometimes, they do appear, but in a very low resolution. Removing your asi file resolves the issue.

    It almost seems like GTA V has a mem budget for all artificial light shadows, which is getting quickly overshoot by the NPC headlights which are casting shadows thanks to your mod.. Do you know anything about this?

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    It seems that you're not using the vanilla minimap. Could this be the cause for the issue (regarding the minimap reappearing) not occuring on your end?

    If you're interested: The new mod "MiniMap & Vehicle Controller" manages to reliably hide the minimap without it reappearing. Maybe you want to take a look at this mod.

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    Great mod! I use it exclusively to hide the HUD, because it's the only mod that actually manages to permanently disable the minimap (all other mods fail to prevent the map from reappearing). So in my point of view, it would be great to have the following features added:

    - Make a setting per map mode, so that we're able to disable indivirual HUD modes. For example, if this option existed, I would disable all HUD modes except vanilla and hidden (off)
    - Make the key bindings configurable
    - Integrate the possibility of binding the mod's functions to a gamepad / controller
    - Create a way to disable the phone color feature

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    @shifuguru Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten better with V1.5. The map is reappearing exactly as shown in my previous video. I removed all other mods, but the issue has not changed. So you're not able to reproduce the issue when following these steps?

    - Set Vehicle Radar Enabled to false, so that the minimap is hidden when driving
    - Drive through the upper part of Los Santos


    Additionally, the mod now creates a default INI file with bad values:


    Since the Alt key is not available to the mod, you cannot open the mod menu now. So you have to start the game, close it after the INI has been created and then change the INI manually to have the menu toggle key mapped to a key that's actually working.

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    Yeah, latest version. I'm not very confident that the HUD reappearing is fixable. There are a few other HUD-hiding mods out there and they all struggle with the same issue. The mitigate the situation with a function that runs every 100 ms and removes the hud on each loop. But it's reappearing nevertheless, albeit just for a short amount of time. Not really better than the situation with your mod.

    I think the only viable way would be to change the actual HUD setting (the one that you can change in the game's options) somehow via SHV. NativeTrainer also allows for hiding the HUD. Maybe that could be an inspiration? It probably does so via memory patching, I guess?

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    @shifuguru Doesn't work. Honestly, this mod has way too many issues:

    The trigger key can't be changed to e.g. Alt. The S key always triggers the map (probably related with DPAD-DOWN being the trigger on the controller). The minimap keeps reappearing by itself all the time and won't go away until you press the trigger key and wait for the configured time (SHOW DURATION) has passed.

    The last issue is the worst, obviously. I made a video to demonstrate the problem. The minimap keeps reappearing. To get rid of it again, I press the DPAD-DOWN button on the controller (visible through the zoom-out that happens in the minimap). But the maps keeps coming back. I think it happens everytime a new icon (Ammu-Nation, car wash, missions) is being displayed. That's my guess, because it's happening less often when leaving the city.


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    Unfortunately, with Version 2.0.0, blips are shown on the map despite them being disabled in the ini file (blips = 0). So I'm returning to the previous version.

    Февруари 6, 2024
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    I'm a bit confused. in the RAR file, there is a folder called "Manual Installation", which suggests that it's containing the files for the manual installation process as opposed to the dlc files which are the non-manual way of installing. But I guess that isn't true and it's an additional step after installing the dlc files, right?

    Јануари 31, 2024
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    @oofkal Thanks! I'll try that one.

    Јануари 22, 2024
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