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  • C32ad8 1322
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    - Reworked how the script check which character is playing. Now it check on player's ped model so, every time you change model the script switch between: FRANKLIN | MICHAEL | TREVOR | MPMALE | MPFEMALE | OTHER, where OTHER are all other kind of ped model like Addon peds, animals, cop, etc... So, if you for example change to a cop or a custom ped, your wallet and stash tags in DirtyMoney folder -> DirtyMoney.xml will be saved under OTHER, but if you use character swap and select Franklin, then they will be saved under FRANKLIN and so on.
    - Added a notification that pop-up every time you change your ped model.
    - Removed the temporary workaround option in the Dirty Money Menu.
    - ATTENTION DirtyMoney.xml has changed, copy/edit new tags in the old one or just paste wallet values and stash tag (the lines with id="1" coords="....) in the new one.

    - make all money received as dirty money automatically

    If you find bugs or get error, tag me in a comment (copy the logs in case of crash) and i'll see what can I do. Enjoy

    пред 20 саати
  • C32ad8 1322

    - Redone some code due to LemonUI update
    - Temporary workaround for Character Swap/Similar mods users. Now in the dirty money menu you have a new button called: "Character check". Press it after you have changed your character and changed model hash and the mod should work properly. Let me know if its working.
    - WARNING DirtyMoney.xml has changed.
    for manual editing of DirtyMoney.xml copy and paste this:

    <wallet value="0" />

    just after: </MPCHAR>

    пред 4 дена
  • C32ad8 1322

    I really enjoy this mod, an amazing and detailed work! IMO the only thing missing, is the possibility to store various drugs and object somewhere, like car trunk for example or maybe in rentable houses, just to stash stuff in case you get busted. Anyway, @notphoon, keep up the great work!

    Февруари 1, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322

    @ArStrike reuploaded, as a consequence of rewriting I forgot a chek, now should work correctly

    Јануари 28, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322

    @ArStrike for every kind of payment? ok I'lltry to investigate, please add me on discord (leo8913#0416)/ join my channel if you can, so i can get more info.

    Јануари 28, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322

    @ArStrike the money get always deducted from vanilla money first, then, if you decide to pay with dirty money, you get back vanilla money, try checking your vanilla money ammount from pause menu before and after a transaction and let me know, maybe can be som other mods conflicts

    Јануари 28, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322
    Важен Коментар

    - Fixed first door not unlocking if you are too distant
    - Now you don't get asked to convert cleaned money received from the laundromat guy if you use my Dirty Money System
    - Added an option in the ini file to decide how many days the laundromat guy needs to clean your money

    if you don't want to replace your ini file just add "[OPTIONS]
    DAYS = 2" after "CANCEL DEAL = B"

    Јануари 28, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322

    - Resolved a bug where you don't loose dirty money after death/busting (thanks to @Itzhak880)
    - I wasn't satisfied by the two new scripts, so I have rewritten in a more logic and simple way. Now money usable for healthcare should be vanilla only.
    - Now you don't get asked to convert to dirty money when receiving properties earnings (Weed Shop, Tivoli Cinema, Pitchers...)

    Јануари 28, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322

    @VICTINHLNS Check my script dirty money system. I have updated it with the option to use dirty money for payment or decide if money you have earned are dirty or vanilla. It can be usefull for money earned with other mods

    Јануари 27, 2023
  • C32ad8 1322

    @mitto_backup thanks man, glad you like it ;-)
    Bug found by @Itzhak880 resolved, ready for next update

    Јануари 26, 2023