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    @KiNGoFV The top picture is a work-in-progress screenshot from the next update. That's why your coronas don't look similar.

    пред 3 дена
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    @ThEDarkEvIL Thanks for the rating

    @Ghostk The "advanced blur" script is inside the VisualV optionals folder, not the NVR folder.

    пред 3 дена
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    @HY_S Nope, sorry.

    @2had Use Simple Trainer to set Clear weather for now and it will spawn clouds.

    пред 4 дена
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    @KiNGoFV Rain inside buildings is an AMD driver bug. Try to update your drivers. It may be caused by the script you use as well, so check everything. I use ReShade for sharpening / deband with the ENB config that comes in the 'Optional Add-Ons' folder. The main thing that makes my screenshots look clean is the resolution. Use NVIDIA DSR or AMD VSR to supersample to a higher resolution like 4k / 5k and your screenshots will be much better.

    @GTAVcalifornia Here is my settings.xml file from the Documents folder: https://www.sendspace.com/file/0l4oi6

    @Cewkeh That's weird, never heard of such an issue before. Can you please send me a picture of the glow?

    @DayL Still working on it. I want to continue improving the overall quality. I'll try to get it out by early January and then immediately start working on the update after that. Otherwise you guys will be waiting a long time and I understand how that can suck. As usual, you can view my Flickr to catch a small glimpse of a few things I've tweaked for the next update.

    пред 6 дена
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    @4non7mou5 Of course, that will be an option along with many other options for users to choose from. Personally, I prefer *with* coronas on my game. For me it's more realistic.

    Декември 1, 2017
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    @4non7mou5 Yes, that and new corona textures.

    @poisonwind34 Maxed settings with ENB and 4x MSAA, no reflection MSAA and PCSS shadows. Captured in 5k and resized to my monitor's resolution. Specs available at this link https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GGc2pb

    @Claymmorez It's not compatible with the Timecycle Lighting Script add-on but works without that.

    @Denmark Bentley Delete "rockstar_logos.bik" from the following directory in OpenIV:
    "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\movies"

    @Jack7511 Appreciate the feedback but I think Redux is shit and the clouds in Redux are also shit. I will make sure the clouds are up to my standards when I get around to doing them properly. I've recently increased the quality bar and have been working around the clock on my next update which is slowly getting there.

    Декември 1, 2017
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    @Bernacapo10 Sometime next month, that's all I can say. There are a lot of things I still need to work on. I upped the quality of my work and I'm working on adding some new features.

    You can check out some new pictures on Flickr:

    ...And in case you guys think my Flickr is full of "select shots" then here are two new gameplay pictures: https://s17.postimg.org/jymub2i4d/image.png (New dusk sky)
    https://s17.postimg.org/ni8s10ib1/image.png (Godrays now visible during all hours)

    @Geoseff Thanks for the compliment. Can't wait to finish the next update and see what you and the others think.

    Ноември 24, 2017
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    @windows446 You sure something isn't wrong with the car model you put the tint on? Every car works fine for me as far as tints go. As for increasing the tint intensity, I'm not too sure because I haven't gone searching for such a value, but I know that you can change the color of the tint by editing carcols.ymt
    <color value="0x04FFFFFF"/>
    <name>standard windows</name>

    @DaWoodz I'm not sure what your question has to do with this mod.

    @coolfish2 Send me a screenshot with a list of all the files in your GTAV folder.

    @raidenzeusthor Can you please make a video of the lights turning on and off so I can take a further look? Also do you use any ASI script mods? If so, can you give me a list?

    @Janzi Not sure. I think the problem is unrelated to this mod or you have another mod that is conflicting.

    Ноември 24, 2017
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    @erniewatson1 Yeah I can try to work on it sometime.

    @thepunisher7 Try to avoid using ReShade and see if that helps. Sounds like a problem that is caused by something other than the game though.

    @GunnDawg @Parzival211 Check the readme, there are a few reference pictures you can try to match to see if it's working as intended.

    @Richard_Noggin Thanks, I'm currently hard at work on the next update which will improve the lighting and colors etc. even more.

    Ноември 22, 2017
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    @A-12T99 You can do this yourself. Go to "C:\Users\PC\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V" and open settings.xml, then change "CityDensity" to 1.200000 and Ped/Vehicle Variety Multipliers to 5.000000 or higher. Save this file and then run the game. Make sure you set the settings.xml file to "Read-Only" or it may overwrite these changes.

    Ноември 18, 2017