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  • Ee41da image3

    Some stuff not working on mine any help?

    HANDBRAKE ANIM = works
    SHIFTING ANIM = works
    SLEEPING = works
    WITNESS SYSTEM = works
    EXIT PSSNGR SEAT = works
    INDICATORS = nope

    I only use manual transmission and smooth throttle. No god mode.

  • Ee41da image3

    I will not rate yet. I find GTA map downgraded and mods like this tries to fix it. I don't care how los angeles looks like in real life, these extra things improve visual quality. (at least for me) And people who saying it crashed should mention what version and which gameconfig they using also what mods they use like other YMAP mods Redux bla bla. Some crashes can be fixed with GOOD gameconfig that's why I use 1.41 version with good gameconfig.xml. (Before you say ''go buy the game cheap f*'' I pre-ordered this game so shut up)

  • Ee41da image3

    Great mod thanks!

  • Ee41da image3

    Thanks for adding slide multiplier option.

  • Ee41da image3

    @ImNotMentaL Can you add 0$ option? I want to use it with freemode player. [ yeah i know it doesn't make any sense :D ]

    Јануари 11, 2018
  • Ee41da image3

    @gta5testya Yes map editor loads fine but xml only work for it for that reason I think you should either remove menyoo text from description or provide another xml. Because you KINDA misleading for menyoo users. Don't get me wrong I'm on your side, even though I don't publish maps here I make maps for myself or my real life friends I know the struggle and people here seems like to give low ratings easily getting unneccessary low rating sucks.

    Converting to menyoo is not good it needs some extra work unfortunetly but ymap seems fine.

    Јануари 5, 2018
  • Ee41da image3

    @gta5testya Hey I recently noticed your map mods and gave a try on this one first. I really liked it making interior which GTAV lacks much is awesome. 5 stars for your labor.

    You already stated YMAP issues, I want to talk about MENYOO version. Well it didn't load, I don't know if you saved as menyoo xml or map editor xml. I made it working by saving as menyoo file myself and made it work however there were two main issues. First FPS is very low that should be because higher draw distance second is map gets bugs like misangled windows and not working doors.

    Јануари 5, 2018
  • Ee41da image3

    Anyone knows editing .ymap files draw distance? I don't use map editor.

    Јануари 3, 2018
  • Ee41da image3

    Hope to see new versions in the future great mod

    Декември 31, 2017
  • Ee41da image3

    I first tried low and you should rename it as very low or ultra low. Yes I know it's for low end machines but I think that low is too low to use it, I don't know man, not really sure. Anyway with your mod I mostly get 50-60 FPS however in Grapeseed it dropped much minimum was 42 FPS. I I have terrible cpu. Your mod has good visual/performance ratio

    Декември 29, 2017