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    @backtrap: Nobody should have to tell you to backup something.

    If you are about to replace a file in OpenIV, make note of where it located and back up the original. Why would someone have to tell you that? If you aren't doing this already, expect to potentially have to reinstall the game.

    And regarding your million other comments, I believe if any of you or any other users have legitimate things you wish to be changed, you need to be formal, and polite, and not do it via spamming this comment board huge slabs of loosely worded ranting. Keep it simple and clear.

    Clarify your concerns into brief comment which is easy to understand, don't give everyone your thoughts and emotions on everything, then not only will your suggestions and concerns be more well received but also be easier to understand. You're probably lucky Rippler is still updating this mod, as alot of other modders are already over the game.

    @Rippler, nice work man, good mixture of realism, playability and thanks for adding the drive-by features, and your continuous updates for DLC's so far. The GTA community is perhaps as ungrateful as Rockstar themselves lol, imho, though, but don't let such bullshit get you down man.

    Август 11, 2015
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    didn't seem to load for me. i use only 1 other script (weapon drop). pressing 1 and 2 or 3 to indicate didn't work. i was in a stolen car as franklin - is this for owned vehicles only?

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    autopause when in menus would be awesome, at least the ESC/pause menu..

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    I don't want sync to system time, i personally find that terrible, as i always play at odd hours, and the game skips time in missions and lets you sleep for 8 hours anyhow - i have been using 60seconds of ingame time = 60seconds real time, so time passes in game in my savegame in real time.

    i've been playing the campaign for about 2-3 days and roughly only 2 weeks ingame has passed, due to time skipping when characters sleep, or in certain missions, or when you get wasted and go to hospital.

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    could you make it so time doesn't pass when in the ESC/pause menu? I noticed the time was 8:30am ingame, when I paused to make a coffee and have a smoking break. When I came back, 15minutes later in real life and unpaused the game, because I am using 60000 (60seconds=60seconds), it was 8:45am. I noticed this earlier when I went AFK for several hours and left the game paused, it was morning in-game, then it was afternoon when I paused. Not game-breaking, and I know I can use the ingame menu to pause time then go afk, but it seems odd that the script keeps running or something when the game is paused.
    Other than that 10/10, especially the real time value.

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    have you modified this so bullets have a travel time?

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    okay fixed, set both to 60000 and it's real time. sorry, was a bit confused by the readme text. when i used to have time set to 'real time' using a trainer, it messed with the TV and movies. i'll see if this script does the same. if it does, i saw in openIV 2 files for tv-playlist, maybe an individual user could edit it to their own time scale. cheers man, thank you heaps for this.

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    also i discovered, starting a new game, going through the prologue then becoming Franklin, the mod is re-set and time is sped-up again - so it is best to save, exit and load upon arriving at Franklins house or somewhere.

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    hey great mod - i have a question regarding the settings

    what is Update Rate as opposed to Own Rate? If i wanted real-time 60seconds=1minute, will these settings do? Same rate on update as own and remember rate?

    UPDATERATE = 1000
    OWNRATE = 1000