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Toggle Script Hook V in a single batch file 0.2.1

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This simple batch file toggles Script Hook V on or off.
1. Place in your GTA V install folder.
2. Make sure that the path to your GTA V executable is correct (4th line).
3. IMPORTANT! First time use, you should have Script Hook V enabled before launching this bat!
4. Optional: Make a Shortcut of this bat file to your desktop.
5. Optional: Change the icon for the Shortcut to your liking.

When you use this to launch GTA V you will never forget to turn mods on or off, depending on if you play campaign or online.

Thank you for Matt281 for the inspiration.

Version history
version 0.1 - created the tool
version 0.1.1 - minor fix: added pauses to error messages
version 0.1.2 - minor addition: added version history
- minor edit: Renaming table elements
version 0.2 - removed editing unnecessary files
- added check if enabled and disabled file has the same status
version 0.2.1 - support for ENB Series
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