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SPSM & Mod Manager 2.20b



//--Steam Silence's SOLO Public Session Maker--\\

***For version 2.18 & older***
The old FPS Booster may cause performance lost for your Windows. Version 2.19 and above have a new Booster that will keep being constantly updated to avoid this issues.

Quick notes:
So, I got some great results by setting "D" to 5 seconds and "E" to 3 using the strong method. It takes a long time until the server puts someone in your session. However, sometimes the game won't save your progress properly, so you have to disable the tool and make something to force It to save, like change your character's gloves.

VERSION 2.20b (waiting for approval)
1- Bugfix: unhandled exception while trying to remove the readonly property from files in the mod manager
2- Implemented Windows native progress bars while moving large Mod files
3- Bugfix: Users being able to open the FPSBooster editor window and the Help Window multiple times
4- Adjusted the help panel colors. It was too hard to read the instructions when the white theme was on.
5- The installer size was drastically reduced.

(for older changelogs, right click the main window of the program, go to options>help>more help and navigate to the changelog tab.)

For full intructions, go to my weebly page here.

With this tool you can:

* With this tool you can create empty public sessions to invite your friends and get rid of the hostile players!

* Force GTA V to shutdown or restart by pressing "Left ALT" + "S" and "Left ALT" + "R" respectively;

* Set GTA V priority on the game Startup;

* Manage your commandlines and The game Language;

* Manage your self radio musics;

* Send your rendered clips to Desktop or Videos Directory;

* Improve FPS and The overall game performance (It'll change a lot of processes priorities to Low, be careful);

* Start GTA V without dinput8.dll(Start without mods);

*Edit the game settings.


* To run this tool you need to have .net Framework Version 4.5.2 or greater installed on your PC.

* THIS PROGRAM USES Windows Firewall, that's why you need to have Windows Firewall enabled.
If you have any connection problems after using the program, run the "Reopen_Ports.bat".
If you use any third party software to set up your internet, this program may cause issues.
I'm not responsible for misuse, you have been warned!

* The default Keys to enable/disable are "Control" + "L".

* If you have any problems with your PC after using this tool, open the menu by right-clicking the main Window, go to options>help>More Help and see if your problem is in the solution list inside the "Other" tab. If not, please comment your issue here and I'll try to help you ASAP.

Known Issues:

* If you save the decimal settings like "0,_______" It'll "break" the save to the program and You'll have to edit it back manually to a decimal value like: "0,000000". (I don't know If I'll try to fix It or not)


1- Kryo4lex for his Source code which I used to get GTA5 install paths;

2- Jin Jae-Yeon for the open source MemorySonic.

Does It interfere my internet connection somehow?
If you use the firewall methods, No, this tool will block ONLY the necessary GTA:O UDP ports, not your entire connection. So you can still talk to your friends through skype, as example! However, if you're using the UDP method, It will depend on your settings (Google about UDP flooders if you're not understanding how to configure the tool).
NOTE: If It's cutting your entire connection, try to increase the delay amount of seconds (but not too much, otherwise the program won't work in-game! :P).
Will I get banned from online by using this tool?
If Rockstar starts banning people for bad connection, yes.
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