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VStancer 0.1.2



VStancer is a ScriptHookV script that allows you to change a bunch of suspension-related things:
- Camber
- Track width
- Height

Along with that:
- the stuff from SlamIt is also still present, but accessible by menu this time
- visual height is modifiable, which uses the same stuff Los Santos Customs uses.
- tyre/wheel dimensions can be edited. They aren't saved because they're physical only and it's an unfinished feature (0.1.2)

Drag & drop VStancer.asi and the folder VStancer to the main GTA V folder.
You'll need GTA V 1.0.944.2 to 1.0.1180.2. I haven't tested it for anything older than 1.0.1032.1 though so run at your own risk.

Default menu key
Italian = çò@
AZERTY/Belgium/France = $

Please post whatever key works for your locale, if not listed already :)

Suspension menu is where you go to edit wheel stuff.
Load a preset and List car configs show the items saved by the next two entries. In this submenu just press Return to load a thing, or press Right to delete that entry. In this submenu you can also choose to only show matching vehicles to the one you're currently in.
Save as car saves the car + numberplate as entry. This can be used to automatically load an entry.
Save as preset saves the car + a name you insert as entry. This can be used to load an entry manually.
Auto apply cars matches the car you're in with all cars in the database and if car name + numberplate match, applies the preset automatically.
Other stuff contains LSC-like lowering/raising, and the old SlamIt thing. The stuff in this submenu is not saved.

Known bugs (pls help)
- Lowrider vehicles hydraulics are broken
- Wheels clip through ground with extreme angles
- Wheels clip through ground with extreme low height
- While the mod is active, car wheel deformation is not active
- Wheels reset in the editor

Wouldn't even have considered it without InfamousSabre's post on this same thing!
NTA/CamxxCore's hooking class

Source code

Config changes: Menu coords changes. Please update your menu files with the new values.
Saved presets now include visual height.

* Updated for Smugger's Run (v1.0.1180.2)
* Added wheel dimension thing
* Still no fixes for the glitches you reported, sorry. I can't figure them out.

Config changes: New menu defaults. Please update your menu files with the new values.

* Update offsets for Gunrunners update.

Config changes: New menu defaults. Please update your menu files with the new values.

* Fix suspension bouncing when changing height. Physics still glitch with extreme values, but it'll settle in after driving a bit.
* Update menu class

No config changes
* Fix cinematic camera not working after using menu
* Updated menu class

First release
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