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Ultimate Car Dealership 1.5



This is the most essential car dealership mod yet for GTA 5 gameplay!

This mod allows you to sell your ADDON (original game cars also) vehicles to peds.

While running your dealership, You'll have 7 car slots to your disposal.

You'll also have the option to open and close the dealership, granting you time to gather cars or do other things in the city without the worry of losing business.

Latest version of ScriptHookVDotNet
Latest version of ScriptHookV
Latest version of NativeUI

How to install:

Extract the package, place CarDealership.dll & CarDealership.ini file into your scripts folder.

How to get to the dealership?

Look for the BLUE car dealership blip on the map.

How to use the Wizard?

  1. Watch the video provided to understand how to use this tool
  2. Press the PageDown button next to your number pad to spawn the menu
  3. Assign the menu coords first
  4. Assign the car slot coords second
  5. Then assign the ped coords
  6. Restart Game

The order of assigning doesn't matter but you have to assign All coords for the script to work. The UCD wizard is in early development and you have to make sure your slot coords are aligned perfectly. If you get a null exception error, The ped cannot find the vehicle and you'll have to reassign it. I will not get rid of those errors because you need them as of right now to know what's going wrong. Its a trial and error feature but when you do everything perfectly. It's worth it!!!

Change Log:
Version 1.5
  • Added the UCD Wizard. Users can now use the script to create their own dealership, anywhere on the map!
  • Returned vehicle prices back to menu options
  • Some AI enhancement

Version 1.4
  • Enhanced ped driving. Peds will no longer crash your lineup of vehicles.
  • Enhanced the ordering process. (It's really smooth now & cars are delivered faster)

Version 1.3 - Hotfix
  • fixed all issues with the warehouse as far as storing and ordering vehicles
  • Sorry, I've been trying to push these out so fast, I haven't had time to play with the mod haha

Version 1.3
  • Users can now re-use a slot in the same game session (must close the dealership for 1 minute)
  • Users can now have their vehicles delivered to the dealership from the warehouse
  • Fixed slot 3 price bug
  • Users can now Hide/Show their dealership vehicles

Version 1.2
  • Users can now enter their own price!
  • Fixed Slot Routing Issues (Should be perfect now!)
  • Added a warehouse for vehicle inventory
  • User has the option to make numbers invisible
  • Enhanced AI

Version 1.1
  • Added Slot Numbers
  • Enhanced AI for ped routing (Trust me it's going to only get better)
  • Cleaned known error messages with feedback
  • Added car name to slot options
  • Ruled out Game Player when AI searches for a ped to buy

  • Fine tune the UCD Wizard
  • Further enhance AI
  • Add more shops

Extra notes:
This is a pretty heavy weight mod created on a high end PC.
I recommend a good gameconfig.xml file for unlimited vehicles 5x traffic specific!
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