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This mod aims to reintroduce the street vendors present in the previous GTA entry.
Now you can walk up to a vendor stand and, if the vendor is present, buy a hotdog/burger for 5 dollars and heal your health, with fully working animations and money system.
Random peds can also walk up to the vendors and eat, same as the player.

Installation: simply extract the ASI inside the game's root directory (where you have installed GTA:V, not inside the "scripts" folder).

Most of the behaviour of the code was taken from the decompiled GTA:IV scripts themselves, to remain as truthful to the original as possible (vendor.sco).

Requires ScriptHookV

v1.3.1 - Changelog: Fixed cash HUD and vendors getting angry.

v1.3 - Changelog: NPCs can now walk up to vendors, bug fixes.

v1.2 - Changelog: Rewrote the entire script, it's now asynchronous and generally more polished. Player will play the eat speech after he's done eating and non-main characters can you buy food too.

v1.1 - Changelog: Added four rare models for vendors ("backup-vendors" inside ambientpedmodelsets.meta, only two points in the game).


Inspired by "Working Hotdog Vendors" by jedijosh920.

If you find a bug leave a comment and I'll try to fix it, feedback is always appreciated.
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Првпат Додадено: Декември 27, 2023
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