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Hunks GTA Expansion 2.9

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This is reanimation of GTAV scripts collection that i've created.
This collection contains my improved and fixed previous mods like:
- Inventory Dufflebag for stash weapons and outfit;
- Earphone radio mode that allows you to put on headset on character and activate mobile radio on foot;
- Smoke cigaretes on foot and in vehicle (Now cigaretes has durability and you have to resupply them by finding medkit or buying them from dealer;
- Use painkillers with improved animation (Has to be resupplied just like cigs);
- Check your money in wallet with improved animation;
- Put on/take off mask, gloves and glasses anytime you want;
- Use holster for pistol with current weapon mods attached (requires to be purchased from a dealer);
- Intimidate peds while wearing holsters with specific animation;

Hold Weapon Selector(Wheel) button + Context (talk to random ped) button to open main actions menu. In the bottom right corner will appear button instruction.
Once you'll see it, just press relevant buttons to activate required actions. Also, I've included Expansion.ini file in archive, so you could change controls as you like. All control numbers list is down below in Expansion.ini file. Also you can disable some modules like: dufflebag, visible hoslted weapons, pistol holster mods, hot clothes module. To activate "focus mode" tap fast (5 times) "MODE_ACTIVATE_BUTTON" (can check/change it in Expansion.ini file). Focus mode depends on special ability bar. If its not filled you can fill it by keep tapping "MODE_ACTIVATE_BUTTON".

Important information
You have to delete my standalone mods if you're gonna use this one.
Mods to delete:
-Dufflebag inventory (all my previous mods that related to bags or backpacks);
-Earphone radio;

- customize settings for each mod in one file (Expansion.ini);
- Stash weapons and outfit in dufflebag(requires to be bought from dealer, buy calling phone contact named "Inventory dealer/seller" in your phonebook and meeting with him in closest to your char location);
- Stash dufflebag with saved in it outfit and weapons in any car or other place;
- Wear pistol holster and possibility to intimidate other peds while its on(requires to be purchased from the dealer as well);
- Use painkillers with improved animation and sound effects to restore your health (They will speed you up a little bit as well);
- You can buy painkillers from dealer now or grab them from medkits as well;
- Smoke cigs at any place,including cars to refill your special abilities bar;
- Cigaretes has durability and limitations from now on. You have to resupply them from dealer or medkits;
- Put on/ take off headset and activate mobile radio once its on;
- Count your money in the wallet with animation;
- Customize buttons and some mods behaviour in Expansion.ini file;
- Put on/take off mask, gloves or glasses in any time;
- Put on Helmet on demand while driving bikes/bicycle/quad bikes;
- Weapon Maintenance system. Your weapon condition depends on count of shots you made. Then more shots you do, then more often its gonna get jammed. Clean your weapons before combat if you dont want it get jammed in the middle of the gunfight. You can always check your weapon condition while aiming. Shots history saves for each weapon and for each character.
- Critical wounds system: When you got shot you randomly will start bleeding and sweating from the pain. Use painkillers or medkits to win some time until bleeding is gone.
- Wear primary weapons on chest (including current weapons mods attached);
- Focus mode to mark and execute multiple targets (for single player characters the focus mod uses special abilities bar);
- Shoulder camera swtich;
- Swing gun;
- Change your aiming style (regular pistol only);
- Toggle lasersight (require to equip flashlight);
- Hunger system (You need to eat from now on, otherwise you will get week(drunk effect + injury effects). You can eat by choosing "Eat" command in main menu.Also you can buy a food in some stores (blipped on map as 24/7 stores);
- Drink hot cup of coffee to refill your energy (health and special abilities bar);
- Crouch mode;

How to install

Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet3.dll scripts)


.NET Framework 4.8 or higher
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV v1.0.1868.0 or later
ScriptHookVDotNet v3.0.2 or later
Naudio.dll (Included in archive)
NativeUI.dll (included in archive)


- Code optimization (increase performance)
- Added possibility to wear big weapons on chest;
- Added possibility to put on helmet while on bike/quad/bicycle on demand;
- Improved outfit save function;
- Added current weapon mods for holsted weapons;

- Fixed dropped bag spawn location issues (if character got it lost under ground or in the air)
- Added possibility to wear one big weapon on the chest without duffle bag (if you got it from it first);
- Added function to save dlc special ammo (for mk2 weapons). Need to Replace WeaponStash.xml file in Expansion folder;
- Disabled camera focus on dropped bag;

- Added weapon Jamming/Maintenance system;

To see new options and control settings you need to replace Expansion.ini file. Also dont forget to put new sounds effect files from new archive (draw2.wav)
- Fixed custom sounds playback issue;
- Added gun wound mode;
- Modifed control system (Should be more usefull for gamepads now. To call any action you need to push combo buttons: weapon selector (wheel) + context action/talk to random ped);
- Added some new sound effects for holstering/unholstering big weapons;


Expansion.ini file update required

- Fixed bleeding issue with ragdoll and delay;
- You will loose your gear only if you're busted from now on (not if your character will die anymore);
- Added param in Expansion.ini to increase weapon durability and decrease jamming chance (WEAPON_MAX_SHOTS_RANDOM_PARAM);
- Remapped controls for actions menu (now it mostly assigned on mobile navigation buttons);
- Fixed gun cleaning animations;
- Fixed gun condition check/jammed gun fix animations, including beign in cover.
- Added new cleaning tools (visual effects);
- disabled camera switching while using jars;
- added hat prop for clothes hot keys;
- added possibility to switch off "visible big hoslted weapons" module (in game action menu. The result will be saved);
- added possibility to switch holsted weapon position (in game action menu. The result will be saved);


- fixed cleaning tools placement positions;
- improved jamming and cleaning anims;
- added animation for hanging weapon on chest;


- added "Drop weapon" command (Not all custom weapons (replaced) are dropping correctly, it depends on model creator);
- blocked smoking anim when character is interacting with something;
- added correct tint for holstered weapons;
- added weapon cleaning kit duration (you can buy new ones from weapon dealer);

Added new options in Expansion.ini file
-cigs now replenish special ability bar;
-added "focus mode" (Like in splinter cell "mark and execute");
-added lighter model for smoking animation;

- removed random color for motohelmets (now character will always put on the same helmet color);
- Added shoulder camera switch function;

Added new sound and parameters in Expansion.ini file!
-Added weapon lasersight toggle mod (require to equip flashlight);
-Added weapon swing mod;

- Fixed issue with big holsted weapon saving position after script reload;
- Fixed glasses put on animation;
- Removed debug strings;
- Disabled bag drop on characters death;


-Added silencer toggle mode;


-Added hunger system;
-Added hunger system options in Expansion.ini file;
-Added new sounds in Expansion folder;
-Added shops to buy cigs, painkillers and food;
-Disabled shoulder camera while character is in cover;


- Changed focus kill camera;
- Added focus mode toggle sound/screen effects and animation;
- Added focus mode control while marking targets;
- Added option to change mark time duration in Expansion.ini file;
- Added hint for focus mode (can be disabled in main settings section);
- Fixed focus mode button assign issue (now button assigns correctly);


- Fixed holster animation looping issue;
- Added possibility to change aiming style;

- Reworked smoking script (Now its more interactive. You can just take out cig or you can light it up with lighter and smoke);
- Improved focus mode starting anim;

- Added drinks;
- Added addonped support (except quick clothes like gloves,mask,glasses e.t.c, but you can save full outfit in dufflebag menu);

- Added prices settings in Expansion.ini file;
- Reassigned fast drop cig button;
- Solved jammed gun fixing function issues;

- Added bleeding effect(decals) for WoundeSystem mode;
- Fixed shop prices display in paycheck;
- Changed animation for focus mode activation (now it will take only 1 sec);


- Fixed smoking and drinking anim for female characters;
- Improved smoking process (improved cig position, added sound and visual effects);
- Added glow for dropped bag;


- Fixed pay check text for bought food;
- Removed cig duration digitals for smoking process;

- Fixed bag attach position while skydiving or diving;
- Fixed issue with teleporting stashed bag to zero coords after game restarted;
- Added possibility to call dealer for Non protagonists characters (basically for characters that doesn't have money);
- Removed focus mode entering animation (will save precious time, so enemies won't be able to hide while character plays focus mode entering anim);
- Removed injury flag for hunger;


- Added change outfit animation (for load outfit);
- Adjusted lasersight position;
- Removed control blocking function when smoking in car;


- Added crouch function (hold "duck" control button for a few seconds);

- Removed IFruit2 dependency;
- Added common HTools library file;
- Added hunger level bar (only shows when hunger lvl is below certain point);
- Fixed toggle suppressor game crushing issue;
- Added controls settings in Expansion.ini file for gun options (including drop gun);
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