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G-TAG: Classic Game of Tag 1.0.0

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GTA-TAG Mod v1.0 [BETA]

Ever wondered what it would be like to play the classic playground game "Tag" inside of the GTA World?

Well, wonder no more..

To play simple find an area with lots of people nearby, then whenever there are enough people to play tag a message will appear instructing you how to begin a game of tag.

- Random players are "IT" when the game starts, and the rest of the players are "Not IT"
- The "Not IT" players run away from the "IT" players for as long as possible.
- If an "IT" player touches a player who is "Not IT", then the "Not It" player becomes "IT" too
- The game until either all players have been tagged, or the timer runs out!
- Going out of bounds makes you teleport back to the center
- Nothing is off-limits. Climb ladders, swim under water, or hide in secret areas.

- Copy GTAG.dll to your GTA5 Installation Scripts folder.

- Find a populated area and wait for the information box to appear which instructs you on how to start a new game of tag
- Follow on-screen directions.

Planned Features for future release
- Change starting button / key
- Change Tag Game Length
- Display Time Remaining
- Score system
- Rewards
- 3D Indicators showing who is "IT" an "Not It"
- Powerups (stun, Reveal locations, speed up, mines, cloaking, traps)
- Multiplayer support
- Change number of players
- Change arena size
- Change other rules (no ladders, no cars, no swimming, etc)
- Change tag distance
- Change AI behavior
- Implement Scenario Brain like other minigames to start
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