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Community Races 1.3


This is a racing mod powered by the users. You can easily create new races with the Map Editor mod. As of the 1.2 version, I included 4 default maps: Prison Lap, Horse Circuit, Alamo Goaround and Construction race

Best used with Faster AI Drivers mod by Eddlm!

M or Controller Back button - Quit current race.

Saving and Loading Races
All races are loaded from the scripts/Races folder. To create a race, you need the latest Map Editor mod installed alongside this mod. In the map editor, go to Create Map for External Mod, and then Create a Community Race. Then follow the next steps:
1. Place a ped - this will be your mission trigger/marker.
2. Place vehicles - these will be the race spawnpoints. Spawning different vehicle models adds them to the vehicle model pool.
3. Place markers in order for your checkpoints. The type of marker doesn't matter. Don't place markers right at a curve, because the AI doesn't have time to react and will drive right past the curve.
4. Place any objects you want, they'll be spawned in the race.
5. Save the map, it should be saved in scripts/Races/yourmap.xml
6. Open yourmap.xml with a text editor and edit the Name and Description tags.
7. You're done! Restart the mod to play your race.

Extra Races
Map pack by proerd888

1. Install ScriptHookV, minimum version released on August 23rd.
2. Install ScriptHookVDotNet v1.1
3. Download last NativeUI version from here.
4. Move all contents of the .zip except the sourcecode folder into your /scripts/ directory. If it doesn't exist, create one.

- 1.3
-- Added blips for rivals.
-- Improved rival AI to be more challenging.
-- Changed color selection.
-- Minor bugfixes.
- 1.2
-- Added laps! They're on by default for your race, if you want to disable them, edit your race XML file and set LapsAvailable to false.
- 1.1
-- Fixed AI racers, they now properly avoid cars and overtake other opponents.
-- Handbrake is applied when a vehicle reaches the finish.
-- Widened the checkpoints.
-- Fixed audio issues.
- 1.0
-- Initial Release
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