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Collectibles on Map v0.2

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This mod adds blips (or icons) on the map to show the exact location of the collectibles of GTA 5.

Note: The Stunt Jumps, Under the Bridges, Knife Flights & Monkey Mosaics are still missing! The final version will include the location of every collection of collectibles available in the game.

If you have always wanted to complete the game and reach 100%, but have always struggled to collect the 375 collectibles, this mod is for you!

You'll still have to search in order to discover them, but you'll get a huge help as their location will be available on the map in-game.

  1. Download "Script Hook V" (including the ASI loader) and extract the files into your game folder.
  2. Download "LUA Plugin for Script Hook V" and extract the files into your game folder.
  3. Choose your version (all the collectibles together in one file, or one file per collection of collectibles)
  4. Extract the chosen LUA file(s) to /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/addins/


You may want to replace the blips/icons to the ones of your choice.
To do so, open the LUA file using NotePad++ (or any similar software) and change any of the values next to green lines.
You can find the IDs for the icons and colors inside the downloaded archive.
For instance, if you want to change the color of the Spaceship Parts blips to green, simply replace the current "75" value to "2".

Known Issues
Other icons (such as LSC, shops, sports,...) disppear with the latest version.
I'll try to fix this issue in the next update.

- 0.2:
---Added the 50 Letter Scraps location
---Added the 30 Submarine Parts location
---Added the 30 Nuclear Wastes location
---Added the 10 Epsilon Tracts location
---Added the 13 Hidden Packages location
---Added the 27 Peyote Plants location
---Changed the Spaceship Parts blip color
- 0.1;
---Initial release.

To-do list
• Add the 50 Stunt Jumps location
• Add the 50 Under the Bridges location
• Add the 15 Knife Flights location
• Add the 50 Monkey Mosaics location
• Make the blips disppear when the collectibles are collected.
• Create another version with standard blips instead of the enhanced ones (as the standard blip displays an arrow to tell whether the collectible is higher or lower than the player)
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