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ULSA Emergency Pack: EUP Edition [EUP 8.0/8.1]


Recommended to be used with my ULSA Emergency Pack

Before installing this mod, please ensure you have downloaded and installed Emergency Uniforms Pack, if you haven't got it already, you can find the link here: EUP
Also ensure you have OpenIV installed: OpenIV
Inside your download will be a readme.txt file, to explain exactly how to install this mod.

The ULSA Emergency Pack: EUP Edition is a lore friendly EUP based modification pack based on the University of California, Los Angeles Police Department. Contained is a set of Class A/B/C uniforms for both the male and female MP peds.

Please note: This modification was made for EUP v8.0/v8.1, using an older or newer version of EUP may not be compatible with this mod.

EUP assets - Alex Ashfold (& the EUP Team)
ULSA assets - Jacobmaate

A special thanks goes out to bravo-1-charlie, who initially made a ULSAPD EUP mod during the very early stages of my ULSA Emergency Pack development - but as a result is since outdated. However I believe he is planning on making some custom LSPDFR oriented mods through this so keep a look out for them!

A little side note: I apologise for the generally poor showcase images, normally I do better than this but admittedly I've been running into all sorts of problems with both Rockstar Editor and the In-Game Screenshot mod I usually use meaning I've not been able to get the same quality showcase shots - hopefully these will be updated later down the line!

This mod is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com, lcpdfr.com only. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen.

---- Notice ----
I am now advising all users AGAINST the use of "DISPATCHWORKS", as the modification is known to cause a plethora of conflicts with my and other developers modifications.
I instead urge you to install the dlcpacks you want from their respective authors to support them directly, ensure the mods are up-to-date and reduce the likelihood of encountering conflicts.
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