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Spiderman mods coming Pack (Infinity War, Home-coming & PS4) 3.0



Spider-man mods coming Pack:
1. Added The iron spider (Infinity War) mod made by nsh3t and re-texture by OkaymanXXI to this pack.
2. OkaymanXXI has added a golden waldoes version for the iron spider infinity war which you can switch to it by changing the accessory's texture with trainers like Menyoo.
Installation guidelines:
1. Install this "ironspider_infinitywar", "2017_SMHC" and "spidermanps4" as Add-Ons:

2. Download sollaholla's Spiderman mod (for the power):

3. Put the configuration setting files to scripts/Spider-Man Files /Profiles

*You can change the eyes or color by changing the head texture through trainers.
v2.6 changelog:
1. Added configuration settings which are compatible to the latest spider-man script.
2. Added two type of eyes option to Mrkillmil's improved texture version.

v2.5 changelog
1. fakeplastic has created a new spiderman home coming model which has an better proportion than the other existing models in this site.
2. nsh3t created the texture of infinity war version based on fakeplastic's model and improve the homecoming version texture a little bit (e.g., adding the alternative eyes).

Skipped v2.3 and 2.4 because v2.3 is the infinity war vesion re-texture based on Madbreaker's spiderman model (although the texture is totally different from L1 gaming , since he has uploaded that earlier, I decided to skip that one.) For v2.4 it is the version contained fakeplastic new model, I decided to release it until v2.5 is completed.

fixed texture for the ps4 suit torso and legs
refined normal map (fixed the shading effects of the civil war suit and make it coherent to the ps4 suit)
Removed spiderpork

fixed spider logo on the torso

Added an add on ped ver PS4 spiderman with Quechus13 better proportions

v2.0 update
-v1.9.oiv include the below updates:
further improve and fix the torso texture of spider-man ps4
added Peter Parker as a mp character (which you can now change his clothing using trainers)

v1.8 update
nsh3t remake the PS4 spider-man,
added new oiv installaion method,
fixed the bug for the script can't load the ps4 suit,
added v1.7 update which is v1.8 (using traditional installation method)

v1.6 update
fixed the sandals and bangles issues of the torso

v1.5 update:
Barak101 has created a new head of Peter Parker which really looks like Tom Holland (it's really amazing!!!)

v1.4 update:
Try to fix the bug of some players cannot load the new spider-man mask
nsh3t added a new weapon web shooter, which spider-man can shoot web from his fingers now

v1.3 update:
Barak101 has created a really amazing spider-man civil war mask for the mods (It is absolutely the best GTA 5 spider man mask I have ever seen!!)
nsh3t updates the texture of the civil war suit and and the Ps4 E3 suit

v1.2 update:
Spiderman PS4 (E3 2016) texture is added
The script for unmasked Peter Parker is added
Improved texture SpiderMan Civil War suit.

v1.1 bug fixed

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