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BCSO Grapeseed and Paleto Bay Contracts Livery Pack 2.0a (Grapeseed and Paleto Bay)



"BCSO Grapeseed Division is small but still important to protect the city of Grapeseed from meth snortin' rednecks !"

If you want to use in your FiveM server, contact me first.

This is a small livery pack made by MarcelR and I (plus my friend but he asked me not to say his name)

Changelog :
1.5 Added liveries for the rest of the BCSO Pack, Buffalo S and Alamo.
2.0 Added many BCSO Paleto Bay Liveries plus more Grapeseed ones.
2.0a Added a bonus BCSO SWAT Livery for the Vapid TARV

This includes :
- BCSO Paleto Bay Contract Liveris
- BCSO Grapeseed Contract Liveries
- BCSO SWAT Livery for Vapid TARV (Bonus)

I recommend using these packs for the liveries :

How to install :
Drag and drop the liveries in the accorded vehicles
(if you chose the packs I suggested, pol3 liveries go in police3a, stanier, cara and scout go in Bozza's pack and landroamer goes in bcghost10 or bcghost9)

Credits :
- Me for making the liveries
- MarcelR for the initial BCSO Liveries and some BCSO Grapeseed liveries
- [REDACTED] for the Grapeseed PD Torrence livery
- zapprr for Grapeseed Seal

If you have any suggestions, let me know by contacting me on discord :
Nishikiyama-kun 6850

Enjoy !
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 2.0a (Grapeseed and Paleto Bay) (current)

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Декември 27, 2020

 2.0 (Grapeseed and Paleto Bay)

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Декември 11, 2020

 1.5 (Grapeseed Only)

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Ноември 27, 2020

 1.0 (Grapeseed Only)

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Ноември 26, 2020

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